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David’s Search for the Truth, Part 2

Muslim youth in Indonesia
Muslim youth in Indonesia

The previous post told about David, a Muslim boy in Indonesia. His search for truth led him to Christians who explained the good news of Jesus. David was confused about what he heard and was not ready to leave his Muslim faith. But his search for truth continued.

David then heard another evangelist explain that Jesus is the only way to heaven. The evangelist invited David to his home where he taught David more about truths in the Bible. David began to attend a study group at the home every week.

David wanted to find the truth, but he was also afraid of making his family angry. Then David’s Muslim friends started to mock him because he talked to Christians. They called him an infidel, and they quit spending time with him.

David saw that his Christian friends were kinder and more loving than his Muslim friends. The Muslims’ mockery and insults helped him to finally decide to follow Jesus.

Then David realized that his search was over. He had found the truth. David felt peace in his heart.

But he was still afraid of his family. He decided to keep his new faith a secret.

Read more about what happened when David’s father discovered that David was a follower of Jesus in the next post.



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