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Bible DVDs for Children


The Voice of the Martyrs received the following note from a Christian in China.

“My hometown is located in a remote mountain area, its transportation is poor and people’s income is low, so many young people go to the cities to work. Most members of our church are old people. And the people in the village are either children or old people.

“Without their parents at home, the children are very mischievous and not interested in the gospel; they think the gospel is for the old people. I have been wondering how to share the gospel to them. I am happy when I heard that you have the gospel DVDs. I can share some with the children, so they can start to follow Jesus from their childhood.”

(Edited from the original for clarity.)

The photo above shows Chinese children watching a DVD provided by VOM. How many children can you see in the photo? Pray that they and other Chinese children will learn about Jesus and follow Him.

Download the book Bold Believers in China from the Downloads section of this site.



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