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Update: Prisoner Released!

About 11 years ago, Imran Ghafur Masih was sentenced to life in prison in Pakistan. He had burned trash while cleaning his brother’s shop, and some pages of a Muslim book fell into the trash. Radical Muslims insisted that he be arrested for blasphemy. (Blasphemy means insulting things that are holy.)

Christians learned about Imran on Many prayed for him and sent him encouraging letters. And, praise God, Imran was recently released!

Read more about Imran here.

Can you choose a prisoner from the list on and begin praying for them?

China’s Lantern Festival

China’s Lantern Festival falls on February 26 this year. The festival is observed at the end of the Chinese New Year celebration. People hang lanterns of different sizes and shapes in front of their homes and stores. Red is a common color for the lanterns. Families watch colorful parades and performances during the festival.

China is a big country. The population is about 1.4 billion. Some people believe that as many as 100 million people in China are followers of Christ.

That’s a lot of people! But it means that more than 1 billion people in China do not yet know Jesus.

Make a Chinese Lantern
Fold a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise. Cut slits 1 inch apart from the fold to 1 inch from the edge of the paper. Open the paper and staple the short ends together at the top and bottom of the lantern. Staple a strip of construction paper to the top to make a handle.

Write Bible verses about light on the top and bottom borders if desired, or make a design on the borders. Some possible verses include: “The Lord is my light” (Psalm 27:1); “Let your light so shine before men” (Matthew 5:16); “Your Word is…a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105); “You are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14); and “The Lord God gives them light” (Revelation 22:5).

Pray that all people in China will hear about Jesus, the light of the world.

Ask a VOM Worker: What Can Kids Do?


A VOM worker who has traveled to 13 countries shared the following advice for kids.

Question: What can children do now to prepare to serve the Lord as adults?
Answer: I think that learning how to wield the power of prayer is very important, even for young kids. They shouldn’t just rely on their parents to pray. Kids should be praying themselves, for their parents, friends, classmates, etc.

I believe that one’s effectiveness in serving the Lord is dependent on that person’s communication with the Lord. The more attuned one is with God, the better that person will know how to serve.

I have one son. He is 3. I want him to realize at an early age how blessed he is to live in America, which is still a relatively free country. I want him to have the burden of praying for Christians in other nations who do not have those same freedoms.

Gladys Aylward’s Journey

Gladys Aylward was born 119 years ago on February 24, 1902. The story below is from the Torchlighters leader’s guide for The Gladys Aylward Story DVD. You can find student and leader’s guides for Torchlighters DVDs in the Downloads section of this site and at Learn more about the DVDs here.

Gladys Aylward may be small, but she serves a big God! She’s seen Him lead through countless trials and challenges. But now, after eight years of service in China, Gladys is facing a crucial decision. Her village is under attack by the Japanese, and the children in her care are in danger. Desperate to get the one hundred children out of harm’s way, the wounded Gladys awakens them in the night and begins a one hundred mile journey to safety. She is the only adult. There is no vehicle and no pack animal. They must carry what they need. It is a journey that can only be attempted with God at the lead.

As expected, the physical and emotional challenges of such a journey prove to be immense. Gladys must struggle through her own hunger, fatigue, injury, and illness in order to help the children persevere over the mountain. All the while they know enemy soldiers could attack. When they tire of singing songs, Gladys urges the children along with stories of God – sharing the many ways He has worked throughout her life.

Just when Gladys has given her all and seems unable to face one more roadblock, we find the tables have turned. The children whom she has protected, nourished, and led now offer hope back to her. They have learned well from their beloved role model and now remind her that God is still God and He will see them through. And indeed, He does.

Gladys Aylward’s faith and courage are strong examples for us. As a young Christian, Gladys faced immense obstacles. She had few means, was a poor student, and was told she should not become a missionary. Yet, Gladys decided that if God asked her to do something, she would do it. No barriers or roadblocks would stop her as she trusted in His plan and provision. The road was often uncertain and difficult, but Gladys persevered with her Savior by her side. The small woman with a big God left a legacy of faith in her adopted land of China. Her story encourages each of us to follow as God leads and trust in His provision.

Enter “Aylward” in the Search box to find more stories about Gladys Aylward.

Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event

Parents and Teachers
The Voice of the Martyrs, with help from LifeWay, is hosting a FREE virtual event on Friday, March 5 that will feature three inspiring speakers: Petr Jasek, Andrew Brunson and Dan Baumann. In addition to individual testimonies from the former prisoners for Christ, the event will include a panel discussion and worship music from Dove Award-winning artist Natalie Grant.

If your kids are youth or especially mature older children, you may want to consider watching the event with them. To register or for more information, visit