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Miriam and Sarah

Kenyan child

Sarah, a Christian in Kenya, was 9 years old when her mother died. Her Aunt Miriam took her in and raised her until she grew up and married a pastor.

Sarah lived with her husband for five years, and they had two sons. Then one day Muslim radicals from a group called al-Shabab came to their church and began shooting guns. A bullet struck Sarah in the foot. She hid under a pew with her baby son.

Sadly, Sarah’s husband died in the attack. Sarah took her two sons and moved back into Miriam’s house.

Miriam lives in a one-room shack in a big city with her husband and four children. After Sarah moved back in, nine people lived in the shack. Miriam works as a maid, and her husband does different jobs whenever he can find work. Sarah could not work because of her injured foot.

“Miriam is truly a remarkable woman,” said a Christian in Kenya. “She selflessly cares for Sarah and her children, even though she has little money.”

The Voice of the Martyrs is helping Sarah and Miriam. Sarah said, “I take this opportunity to thank Almighty God for how far He has taken me and my two kids.”

To Talk About

  • What does selflessly mean?
  • How do you think Miriam is able to be generous with what she has even though she has very little?
  • How do you think Sarah is able to be so thankful after all that has happened to her family?

New Light for Kenya


Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs visited a place in Kenya where Christians have been persecuted. The workers joined with some Kenyan churches to provide special gifts for the Christian children in the area.

Each child received six pencils, a pencil sharpener, a notebook, and a Swahili Bible. (Swahili is a main language of Kenya.) The children also received solar lanterns.

Their families were using kerosene lanterns. The solar lanterns will allow the children to read the Bible more and to spend more time on homework. Can you guess why?

“Families may spend 10 to 25 percent of their monthly income on kerosene,” said a Christian in Kenya. “The poor light quality and noxious fumes of kerosene lanterns hinder the ability of children to study effectively.

“Now the homes will be illuminated with an environmentally friendly light, and most importantly, children’s lives will be illuminated with the Word of God.”

Watch video clips that show other ways solar devices are helping spread the gospel below.

More Bible License Plates

On April 25, 1901, New York was the first state to require license plates on cars. Car owners had to make their own plates.

Use the clues below and a Bible to help you figure out what the following license plates say. You can find examples and more Bible license plates in previous posts: Matthew License Plate Puzzles and Bible License Plate Puzzles.

PRSQTU Matthew 5:12 says you are blessed when people do what?

God told Jeremiah, “I knew you _____ _____ _____ _____.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

MT2M At Easter we remember that the women in Matthew 28 found an _____ _____ after Jesus was crucified.
UZU Matthew 5:44 says you should pray for those who spitefully _____ _____.
IZ4THAC Jesus said, “Blessed are your ______ _____ _____ _____ and your ears for they hear.” (Matthew 13:16)
STR8BRME When his enemies troubled him, David asked God, “Make your way _____ _____ _____.” (Psalm 5:8)
10TMAKR Paul’s occupation was _____. (Acts 18:3)

Children’s Day in Turkey

Turkish Children

Zack, Mark, and Paul are brothers who live in Turkey. They and their mother told about Children’s Day, a holiday in Turkey that is observed on April 23rd. Read what they said below.

Children’s Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the first assembly of Turkey’s parliament in 1920. [A parliament is a group that makes a nation’s laws. Congress is the lawmaking body of the United States.]

The parliament is run by Turkish children on April 23rd. The children play the roles of elected officials. They give speeches and elect a president and present a speech on TV.

It is a time to celebrate with many parades and ceremonies. The largest ceremony is in the capital, Ankara. They decorate schools, parks, and apartment windows with flags and colorful streamers.

There are bright colors and a lot of red everywhere. There is music and happy dancing. The costumes for dancing are nice and bright. One of our favorite parts is that toys are sold for half price at some of the stores.

Turkey’s laws allow “freedom of religion.” But sometimes police give Christians a hard time if they share their faith outside the church. Muslims who become Christians are often persecuted by families, friends, and bosses.

To Think About
What would you do if you were elected president for one day?

  • Watch a video of Christian children in Turkey.

  • Find a Turkey lesson plan here.
  • Learn more about Turkish Christians from Bold Believers in Turkey, available in the Downloads section.
  • Pray for Turkish children.

  • Pray for the Imam

    Sudanese man

    Soldiers in Sudan often attack villages in the Nuba Mountain region. Churches in the area have been destroyed by bombing. Many Christians have fled to refugee camps away from the fighting.

    Muslims in the area have also fled. One of the Muslims is an imam — a Muslim leader. This imam has two wives and 17 children. (Muslims teachings say that Muslim men may have up to four wives.)

    The imam is the religious leader for Muslims in his refugee camp. Before he came to the camp, he lost all his possessions when he ran away from his village — his property, animals, and the houses where his large family lived. But he was able to escape with all his children.

    People in the refugee camps are very poor. The Voice of the Martyrs brings Action Packs to Christian refugees that are filled with things they need, such as clothes, shoes, blankets, and other items. Christians from churches in the area provided the imam with two Action Packs. He was amazed that Christians would share a gift with a non-Christian.

    Christians asked the imam if he had a Bible. When he said he had never read a Bible, they promised to bring him one. The imam said he had been longing for someone to explain what is in the Bible to him. The Christians arranged for him to attend a Bible study group.

    The imam is still an imam and a Muslim. But he now has the opportunity to learn about the Bible and about Jesus’ love for him. Pray that the imam and his family will become children of the God who loves them.

    Read more about Action Packs on