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Indonesian Love Story

Sini reading her Bible

Sini grew up in a Muslim family in Indonesia. When she was a child, she went to a party at her aunt’s house in another village. She met Ismail, a Christian boy, at the party. They became friends, even though Ismail was a Christian. After Sini returned to her village she and Ismail kept in touch by writing letters.

Sini was a devoted Muslim. Following Muslim customs, she prayed memorized Muslim prayers five times a day.

Several years after she met Ismail, Sini had a scary illness that caused her legs to become paralyzed. Her parents looked for people to heal her: they took her to doctors, who used medicine, and shamans, who used magic, but she remained unwell. In his letters to her, Ismail suggested that Sini pray in the name of Jesus.

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A Blessed Baby


A man and his wife who work for The Voice of the Martyrs recently had a baby girl! Dory, the baby’s mother, recently shared her thoughts:

“We named her ‘Rajah,’ a transliteration of the word for ‘hope’ used in Arabic Bibles when it refers to future hope. [Arabic and English use different alphabets to form words. Transliteration is when a word in one language is written using characters from another alphabet.]

“Here on earth we expect tribulation, enduring patiently, but we also rejoice in our hope for the future (Romans 12:12).

“In the last three months, my husband and I have hosted VOM workers from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel in our home. Each time we introduced Rajah to our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, every one of our friends immediately offered a blessing over our baby daughter….

“They prayed for God’s favor for Rajah in expectation that she, too, will be used by the Lord to point people to his truth. This path might not be easy.

“When our friends bless Rajah, do they bless to request God’s favor and protection on her? No, they bless her to dedicate her to God’s service, a position they know from experience is not always pain-free, but they also know that there is no better place to spend a life than to spend it dedicated to God’s service.

“That is my prayer for my daughter, for myself, and for all of us as we work together to fellowship with the persecuted. We may need to make difficult choices, endure difficult circumstances, but we do so in hope that we will someday enjoy an eternity worshipping the only One who is worthy of our efforts.”

Source: Persecution Blog

Persecution Past and Present

7th graders’ hall poster

A teacher at a school in Georgia emailed the following note to The Voice of the Martyrs.

“As we study ancient Rome and the early persecuted church, my seventh grade class at Perimeter Christian School uses information from The Voice of the Martyrs regarding the modern persecuted church. This year the students created a large hallway poster to raise awareness of the persecuted church within our school.

“Students researched individuals from your website, printed out their reports and attached them to the poster along with a word of prayer. Thank you for your valuable resource.”

Bread in Central Asia

In Central Asia, many of the people are Muslims, but many do not take their faith seriously. Still they do not want their friends and relatives to leave Islam and follow Christ. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) VOM contacts encourage Christians in the region who have difficult lives because of their faith in Christ.

On a visit to Central Asia, a VOM contact saw how women there bake bread. Pray that all in Asia will know the love of Jesus who said, “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35).

Update: Demyana


Demyana is a girl in Egypt whose father had to flee to another country. His relatives were angry after he left Islam to follow Jesus. They threatened to harm him.

Demyana, her mother, and her sisters and brothers had to stay inside their small apartment in a secret location. They didn’t know if someone might want to harm them, too. Their family tried to invent ways to keep life interesting in their apartment, but it was often boring.

SDOK, VOM’s sister mission in the Netherlands, reports that now the family is together again! They are living with Demyana’s dad in another country where they are happy to be able to play outside.

The previous post about the family asked, “Would you pray for Demyana and the rest of her family, that a good resolution would be found to their salvation?”

Thank you to all who prayed for the family. Praise God for His answer to prayer.