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Schoolboys in Bangladesh
Schoolboys in Bangladesh

Lashar, age 14, and Daniel, 11, are the sons of a pastor in Bangladesh. They attended a government school in their village. The boys were the only Christians in a school with 200 students.

Their teachers often beat them with a bamboo cane because they were Christians and not Muslims. The other students insulted them. Finally their teacher told them, “Because you are Christians, I will not teach you anymore. Your pastor father is to blame for the trouble you are in now.”

So the teacher expelled Lashar and David. They moved to another location where they could attend school with other Christians.

Schools in Bangladesh
Children in Bangladesh can go to public government schools or “madrassas” (Muslim schools). Some madrassas are managed by the government. Children study subjects similar to those taught in public schools around the world.

Other madrassas are private. They teach the children mainly about Islam.

Private madrassas often allow students to study, eat, and live at the school free. Many poor families want their children to attend these schools. Some people are concerned that private madrassas may lead students to become interested in terrorism and to honor terrorists.

(Terrorists use threats, violence, or fear to try to force others to do what they want. Terrorism is often carried out against innocent people who are not a danger to the terrorists.)

A Good Advertisement

A Muslim woman in Afghanistan

TV programs in Afghanistan are complaining about Christianity and Christians. The anti-Christian programs warn that many Muslims in Afghanistan are becoming Christians. On one program, a Muslim leader told the address of a Christian website.

Afghans are discovering new facts from the anti-Christian programs.

  • They are learning that not all Afghans are Muslims; some of them follow Jesus. Some viewers did not know that.
  • They are learning that there are Christian websites in their own language.

The programs are turning out to be a good advertisement for Christianity!

I Commit to Pray

A new website,, invites Christians around the world to pray for persecuted Christians whose stories are told on the site. Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs said, “What we envision for is a great prayer meeting for persecuted Christians. But instead of gathering in a church, or someone’s living room, Christians will gather online to pray for the persecuted church.”

VOM hopes to print some of the prayers and take them to show persecuted Christians in other countries. The prayers will let the Christians know that they are not forgotten by their Christian brothers and sisters in other lands.

Visitors to the site can read stories of Christians and read the prayers of others who come to the site. Readers can sign up and post prayers of their own; older youth and adults can register using their Facebook account and invite friends to join with them in prayer.

“The first request of our persecuted family, when we go and visit them, is that we pray for them,” said Nettleton. “ grew out of our desire to fulfill their request.”

“Christ in the Midst of Darkness”


The violence in Syria has brought suffering and tragedy to millions of people. “But there is God’s presence,” said a VOM worker. “I can see Christ in the midst of darkness.”

Read below about some of the ways God is at work in Syria.

  • Before the war, a church in a Syrian city held several services a week. Now it has twice as many services, and most are standing-room only.
  • Eighteen months ago, about a dozen Christians lived in one area of Syria. Now more than 70 Muslim families have turned to Christ.
  • A Muslim leader saw Muslims on both sides of the war killing each other. He began to wonder about the truth of Islam, the religion of Muslims. He went to a church and learned about how God sacrificed his Son for our sake, and decided to follow Jesus.
  • A Muslim woman who had been paralyzed for 10 years was healed after a Christian friend prayed for her in the name of Jesus. She gratefully gave her life to Jesus.
  • A military officer became a Christian and stood strong in his new faith even after relatives threatened him with harm.
  • ”We’re talking about hundreds and even thousands of Muslims coming to know Christ,” said a VOM contact in Syria.
  • Christians are helping Muslims who have fled to other countries to escape Syria. The Christians provide health care, food, fans when it’s hot, and blankets when it’s cold. The Muslims are seeing that Christians are good, loving people.

The Voice of the Martyrs is helping Christians reach others for Christ in this difficult part of the world.


A VOM contact shares the gospel with a Syrian Muslim
A VOM contact shares the gospel with a Syrian Muslim

Boutros, a Christian in Syria, understands Jesus’ commands to “Go and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). But it’s not easy to make disciples in his nation, where most of the people are Muslims, and the country is in the middle of a war.

Every day Boutros gathers a load of Bibles and goes from shop to shop, sharing the story of Christ. He is often rejected or kicked out of the shops. But others welcome the Good News that he brings.

Boutros’s task is dangerous. Christians in Syria can’t be sure that they will return alive when they leave their homes. In fact, Boutros’s work is so risky that his church leaders asked him to stop doing it! “We can’t afford to lose you,” they said.

Boutros did not stop.

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