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Faithfulness in Struggles

“Throw a Christian in the river, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth. I have not known a Christian, who remained faithful through adversities and inner struggles, who did not come out of them enriched.”–Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

To Think About: What did Pastor Wurmbrand mean by that statement?

Message from Malaysia


In Malaysia it is against the law for Christians to witness about Jesus to Muslims.

A Christian from Malaysia who used to be a Muslim shared the following testimony with workers from The Voice of the Martyrs.

When I was very sick, a Christian prayed for me and I was healed! I started going to prayer meetings and searching the Internet to learn more about Jesus. My wife and son and I quietly went to church. But the pastor asked us to leave because he was afraid the church would get in trouble with the government for allowing Muslims to visit. The same thing happened to us at another church.

My wife was disappointed with the Christians. Then my father-in-law found out we were Christians. He threatened to report us to the authorities if we didn’t return to Islam. My wife said she would be a Muslim. I said I would not.

The authorities asked my son what I taught him. He answered, “Daddy teaches me about Jesus and that Jesus stays in our heart and is God.” The court divorced me from my wife and she was awarded custody of my son and all our property.

I slept in the train station for two weeks. Luke 9:58 comforted me. Jesus is becoming so real to me. God is a good God.

To Think About: Read Luke 9:58. Why do you think this was a comfort to the Malaysian Christian?

Message from Laos

A Christian in Laos recently sent the following testimony to VOM.

When I was 11 years old, my job was taking care of my family’s water buffalos. On the way home one day, someone scared the buffalo I was riding, and it jumped and ran away. I fell off and got injured. I could not walk for a long time, and I had other problems and illnesses.

Later I met a man who knew about Jesus. He helped me ask Jesus into my life! Little by little, I began to heal.

There were only a few Christians in our village, and the other villagers hated us. The non-Christians decided to burn down all the Christians’ houses. After the fire, we were very poor. But we were able to save our family’s rice crop. Even many non-Christians came to us and asked us for some of our rice, and we gave it to them.

Because of our generosity, the villagers hated us less. Some of them became Christians! It was amazing how God brought glory to himself through the tragedy.

To Think About: What might have happened if the Christian family refused to share rice with their enemies?


“A Christian cannot be careful enough in choosing which public events he will attend, what he will watch on TV, or what book he will read. The Christians’ joys are yet to come. We are not in a hurry to get all the possible pleasures out of life.”—Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

To Think About: What did Pastor Wurmbrand mean when he said, “The Christians’ joys are yet to come.”

Bible Smuggler Game

The leader of a group of U.S. kids in grades 3 through 6 emailed VOM about a game they played to help them understand Bible smuggling. Read the description below.

We played “Bible Smuggler” in the dark. We brought in several friends to be “guerrillas,” and the kids were “smugglers.” A boys’ team competed against a girls’ team to successfully take the most “Bibles” one at a time from one end of our camp to the other.

Each team started with the same number of “Bibles” (plastic disks, one color for each team) to take to a bucket at the finishing line. They had to avoid being caught by the guerrillas’ “ray guns” (flashlights). If the flashlight shone on them, they had to give up their “Bible.” Both teams managed to get five Bibles to the finishing line.

Note: Thank you, readers, who share your ideas!