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Laos: Kids Lead Parents to Christ


Khamsouk is an 11-year-old Khmu boy in Laos, about the age of the boy in the photo. (The Khmu are a tribal group in Laos.) Khamsouk’s older brother, Kong, was naughty and disobeyed his parents. “I liked doing what I liked to do,” said Kong. “It made my parents sad.”

Kong visited a grown-up brother who no longer lived at home. The older brother told Kong about Jesus. After a while, Kong decided to give his life to Jesus! He stopped being naughty and began to obey his parents. “God can change people from bad to good,” he said.

Kong and Khamsouk’s parents were delighted with Kong’s good behavior! Then Kong led Khamsouk to Christ, too. Every night for a year, the brothers held hands and prayed that their parents would also follow Jesus. But their mother and father said to them, “You believing in Jesus is enough for us.”

Khamsouk was sad. “I feel like an orphan because you are not Christians,” he told his mom and dad. “And I want all of us to be together in heaven someday.”

Khamsouk’s words touched his mother’s heart, and she trusted in Jesus for salvation that day. Khamsouk and Kong prayed for two more years before their father came to Christ.

“Now my family is happy!” said Kong.

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Launching Balloons into North Korea

Secret balloon launches from the sea have been going on for several years. Go along for the ride as North Korean defectors launch balloons on a recent trip.

Tired Furniture and Trouble at School


Meti is a 12-year-old Christian boy in Egypt. At his school, the teachers teach the students about Islam, the religion of Muslims. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is the son of God or that God sent him to save the world from sin.

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