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Pakistan: Punishment Turns to Blessing


As a Muslim youth in Pakistan, Rafiq joined the Pakistani army. The army sent him to a city far from his home. A Christian invited Rafiq to a church in the city. Rafiq heard what the Bible says about sin and salvation, and he gave his heart to Jesus!

He was so excited about his new life! He began to tell everyone about Jesus, even the Muslims in the army. One day, a Muslim army officer warned Rafiq to stop talking about Jesus. But Rafiq could not stop sharing the love of Jesus with others.

The officer decided to punish him. He told Rafiq he was going to send him to another place where the army work was very hard.

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Pakistan: A Mom Goes to Jail

Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi has a husband and two daughters, Isha, age 13, and Ishem, 10. Asia worked on a farm near their home in Pakistan. Her boss was a Muslim, and so were the other women who worked on the farm with her. In fact, only three Christian families lived in the whole town. Everyone else was Muslim.

One day at work, the Muslim women told Asia about Islam, the religion of Muslims. Asia told the Muslims that Christ died on the cross for our sins and that he rose again and is alive. She told them that Muhammad, the man who started Islam, was not a true prophet.

The Muslim women were angry at Asia, and they hit her. Some Muslim leaders wanted to make Asia ride through the village on a donkey as punishment.

Instead, the police put Asia in jail. It is against the law in Pakistan to insult Islam or Muhammad. Muslim leaders insisted that Asia had broken the law.

Isha, Ishem, and their father missed Asia very much. One day, officials let them visit her for about 15 minutes before she went to a court hearing.

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