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Philippines: Bombed but Blessed


Esther is a Christian in the Philippines. She was a leader in her youth group, and her father is a pastor.

Esther wanted to be a nurse. She finished nurse’s training and planned to visit a hospital to see if she could get a job. Finally she was going to get the chance to be a real nurse! Esther was very excited.

She got on a public bus that was going to the hospital. It was 7:00 a.m. and many people were eating breakfast at a nearby restaurant. Not many were on the bus yet.

After Esther was seated and comfortable, she noticed a bag under her seat. “I felt uneasy, so I moved across the aisle,” Esther said.

“About five minutes later, there was a loud explosion,” Esther continued. “The bag under the seat where I was sitting earlier exploded. It was a bomb. That side of the bus was totally ripped off. The seat the bomb was under disappeared.

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