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Malaysia: Three Bold Friends


Felipe, Dian, and Budi are Malay friends. Malays are the largest group of people in the country of Malaysia. Chinese people and people from India also live in Malaysia.

The Chinese and Indian people can be Christian. But Malays are expected to be Muslims. It’s not easy for a Malay to become a Christian.

Some churches are even afraid to let Malays come in their door. The pastors know they could be persecuted for teaching Muslims truths from the Bible. But a bold priest in an Anglican church helped Felipe, Dian, and Budi learn about Jesus.

The three friends told a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs about their experiences.

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Malaysia: Youth Struggle to Follow Jesus


Some youth in Malaysia have given their lives to Jesus! But Malays are expected to be Muslims. New Christians face struggles with their families, friends, and authorities.

Yusoff, a Malay Christian said: “At 16, I no longer wanted to be a Muslim. There were too many rules, like praying five times a day and fasting, and so on. To me, Allah was like a school principal or a policeman who would write down all the bad things you do. I couldn’t really talk to him or relate to him. The Christians I knew would really talk to God and come to Him with their problems.

My father is a Muslim religious teacher. He was upset when I became a Christian, but not as upset as my mother. I live on my own now, apart from my parents.

My friends split into three groups. Some of them accept me as a Christian. Others are against me now. The rest try to convert me back to Islam.”

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