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Seven-Year-Old Boy Strengthens Iranian Believers


Christians in Iran have told The Voice of the Martyrs about a 7-year-old Iranian Christian boy. The boy used to be a Muslim. When he was born, his parents gave him the name of a well-known relative of Mohammed. Mohammed was the founder of the Muslim religion.

When Muslims in Iran become Christians, many of them begin to use Christian names instead of the Muslim names they were born with. When the 7-year-old boy decided to follow Christ, he did not change his name. “I want people to know that even someone with my name can be saved!” he said.

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Shanashah: An Afghan Christian Refugee

Shanashah is an Afghan Christian boy. Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs talked to him in Pakistan. Shanashah appeared to be about 10 years old, but he was not sure of his age. Many Afghan children have had very difficult lives. They have not been able to keep track of their birthdays.

Like other boys and men in his part of the world, Shanashah often wears a shalwar kamiz, which includes baggy pants and a long shirt. His favorite game is cricket. He likes to eat mutton and apples. In school, his favorite subject is English.

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Lydia and Sharon: Escape from North Korea

Lydia and Sharon are both from North Korea, but they didn’t know each other while living there. At school they learned about the family history of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Kim Il Sung was North Korea’s former leader. He died in 1994, but he is kept in a glass-covered box so the citizens can look at him and honor him. Kim Jong Il, the current ruler, is Kim Il Sung’s son. He builds statues of himself all over North Korea. The people are expected to honor him and follow his teachings instead of honoring God.

In North Korea, Lydia and Sharon were not taught about Jesus.

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Peter: Standing Firm in a Cuban Classroom


Peter is a 12-year-old Christian boy in Cuba. It was not unusual for him to get in trouble at school because he believes in the truth of the Bible. Once when his teacher was discussing evolution, Peter said, “God created the world!” Communism teaches that it is unimportant, and even stupid, to believe in God.

On television in Cuba, there is a one-hour daily program about communism. Students are expected to watch the program and make a report about it. Peter does not watch the program, because he does not believe communism is the truth.

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Ruth: A 10-Year-Old Hero


One Sunday, 12 police officers burst into a small house church in Central Asia, just before the morning worship service started. The police wanted to search the house and arrest the Christians. It is not legal in that country to hold worship services outside of a church registered by the government. The government makes it very difficult for new churches to register.

The pastor’s wife, Tamara, saw the police enter the house. Quickly she sent her 10-year-old daughter Ruth outside. (Ruth is shown in the photo looking at a Russian The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter about persecuted Christians in China.)

Ruth knew what to do when she got outside. Pretending to play, she ran to church members as they came near, and she warned them that the police were inside.

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