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Wristband Activity

Wristband Activity
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Needed: Duct tape, scissors, writing instruments (optional)

Cut a piece of duct tape 1 inch longer than necessary to fit around your wrist. Cut off the top half of the strip 1 inch from the right end and the bottom half of the strip 1 inch from the left end. Fold the tape in half lengthwise, sticky sides together. Wrap the tape around your wrist, fastening it by pressing the exposed sticky parts together. (You may want to write a Bible verse on your band.)

Read aloud Philippians 2:14 and 4:4, and James 1:2. Many persecuted Christians talk about how they experienced God’s comfort during their struggles. God’s presence helps them to not complain.

Try praising God instead of complaining when things do not go your way. Keep your wristband on as long as you can. When you complain about something, remove it. You may want to ask family members to join you in the project and see who can keep their band on the longest, while remembering Christians who rejoice in spite of their trials.

Letter from a Teacher


I am a high school teacher and I have kept a recent copy of the VOM newsletter on my desk. Usually the talk about these Christians has led to talk about Christ and salvation. Never has anyone in the public school complained or told me to stop.

I have seen the realization that people are suffering and dying for the sake of Christ take hold of many so-so Christian teens and turn them into fireballs for the Lord. The boldness of the believers in the persecuted church lights a fire under them. I have seen many Bibles brought to school and read between classes and at lunch. Some students have started Bible classes in the library before and after school.

I wish these precious believers in the persecuted church could know the far-reaching effect of their testimonies. I am always amazed at the surprise people have when learning about our brothers and sisters in other countries. I am also amazed at how God can use that knowledge to turn the focus around to what is really important. Thank you, VOM.

Marsha C.

What can YOU do to start a conversation about Jesus?

Five Ways to Help the Persecuted Church in Less Than 5 Minutes

  1. Go to Send the link to your friends, and offer to help them order and pack Action Packs to send to a country where Christians are persecuted.
  2. Pray for persecuted Christians while waiting in line or riding to school or church.
  3. Take a Kids of Courage or The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter to your next doctor or dentist visit. Ask if you can leave it in the waiting room.
  4. Let a children’s pastor or Christian school teacher know that they can visit to find a VOM conference in their area.
  5. Kristen’s family in Utah put spare coins in a jar for a year, then sent the money to VOM to help persecuted Christians. They called the jar “the jar for the unknown soldier” in honor of Christians around the world who need encouragement. Decorate a jar to set in your house or classroom. Invite your family or classmates to help you collect spare change for a project to help struggling Christians.

What Time Is It?

At 6:00 a.m. U.S. Central Standard Time, it is 1:00 p.m. in Nigeria. What time is it now where you live? Draw two clocks. Draw hands on one clock to show the time where you are. Draw hands on the other clock to show the time in Nigeria. What do you think children in Nigeria might be doing right now? Please pray for them.

Writing Letters

Leaders and officials in Iran often make things difficult for Christians in their country. Find the name of the current leaders of Iran in an almanac or other source. Pray for them. If an address is given in the source, you might want to write a polite letter to an Iranian leader saying that you are praying for him. Ask him to use his power to make sure that Iranian Christians are treated with respect.