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Saving the Auca

Tiffany P., 12-year-old daughter of a VOM worker, wrote the following post about Nate Saint, a missionary to Ecuador. Part of the post tells about Tiffany’s interview with Dory P., a VOM worker who grew up in Ecuador.

Nate Saint lived for God. He gave his all to open the door for Ecuador missions. Sadly, on January 8, 1956, Auca Indians killed this great missionary. Most of us know this tragic story, but what happened afterward?

I interviewed Dory P., who lived on the same base as Nate Saint, and she shared how the death of one man affected many lost people. Nate did succeed in his mission.

Dory’s Family
Shell Oil Company built an airstrip in Ecuador hoping to find oil in the jungle. Nate looked at this as a way to reach the unreached people group known as the Auca. Funded by the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), Nate built a house right next to the airstrip. Over the years, other MAF missionaries build houses and joined Nate and his family.

One of these missionary families who moved in was Dory’s grandparents and their adopted son, who later became Dory’s father. Dory’s father was 2 when Nate was murdered. For the next 16 years, he and his parents lived on the base, working with the Auca people.

Dory’s father later lived in the United States, where he and his wife were called to be missionaries. When they contacted MAF, they were informed that missionaries were needed in Ecuador. Dory’s father was overjoyed, since he had once lived in Ecuador.

After prayer, they accepted the job. Dory lived in Nate’s house for two years of her early life. For the rest of her childhood, she lived twenty feet away in a neighboring house. During her childhood, Dory saw how the impact of Nate Saint’s life had melted the hearts of the Auca, or as Dory says, “the Waodani.”

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VOMRadio: Packing Action Packs

Action Packs

Action Packs are large plastic bags filled with useful items for persecuted Christians around the world. In the VOM Radio clip below, VOM’s Todd Nettleton answers a listener’s question about Action Packs. The clip also tells how to ask questions on VOM’s toll free comment line.

Listen to a clip from VOMRadio..

For more information about how to participate in the Action Pack program and to see a video clip of an Action Pack distribution in Pakistan, visit the Action Packs page.

You can find more VOM Radio episodes at

Note: Last year, VOM supporters sent 13,087 filled Action Packs to VOM for distribution to persecuted Christians.

Wisconsin VBS Sponsors Bibles


The Voice of the Martyrs received the following note from Patty W., director of a VBS at the North Scott Baptist Church in Pardeeville, Wisconsin.

The church used online stories from The Voice of the Martyrs in their daily lessons. For those who prefer a pre-packaged curriculum, VOM offers a Kids of Courage VBS curriculum for churches of all sizes. Visit the KOC VBS website to read feedback from churches that have used the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum.

Dear The Voice of the Martyrs,

In a small country church outside the little town of Pardeeville, Wisconsin, we had an amazing week of VBS. We used stories from your online site to raise money for Bibles.

We concentrated on stories from Pakistan. The children listened raptly to the stories and prayers for those children who are living their faith so abundantly.

Each day the children (an average of 34 daily) faithfully brought their money in a friendly competition the see who would raise the most money — boys or girls….

Some of the children made money by cleaning chicken coops and goat pens, weeding in the garden, cleaning the root cellar, etc…. Two boys had given their birthday money for Bibles… Four teens were willing to take a pie in the face if the kids reached their goal….

These were the gifts of children who want others to have Bibles so that families can grow in their love for Christ.… I thought you might be blessed by hearing about the young people in a small country church who gave their all. Thank you for keeping us informed so we can pray!

In Jesus’ name,
Patty W., Director

Message from Maryland

Bibles to Captive Nations

The following message to The Voice of the Martyrs came from a teacher in Maryland.

“Greetings! I would like to say how much I appreciate this website as a resource in helping my students understand the plight of the persecuted church. I am a fifth-grade teacher at a Christian school in Maryland. In Bible class our focus is on Luke and Acts, with an additional study of missions and persecution throughout history.

“We pray for a different persecuted country every day, and the students vie for a chance to “pick the country” and learn about their Christian brothers and sisters. They were also inspired to raise money for The Voice of the Martyrs by making holiday crafts and selling them at a Christian vendor sale. All of the money is going to buy Bibles [link to] for Christians in restricted or hostile countries.

“Praise God for how He works in the hearts of children!” — Janeen I.

(Edited from the original.)

“Demonstrate Bold Faith”

Keri Aeschliman
Keri Aeschliman

“I’m a child of the living God, saved through the Blood and Righteousness of Jesus Christ. The Lord has given me, as He has given every believer, a story to tell to the world; and that story is called the Gospel. It’s the reason why I sing, why I write, and why I live.” — Keri Aeschliman

Keri Aeschliman was about 13 years old when she learned that Christians in many countries are persecuted for their faith. “It humbles me,” said Keri. “It gives me a bigger version of what the church is. It changes the way I think about church. I realize my experience of church is not what everyone else’s is. It comes at such a high cost for some to worship.”

Keri is now 19. She lives with her family on a farm in Ohio where she helps with harvesting, planting, and keeping the books. Keri enjoys singing; playing the piano, harp, and mountain dulcimer; and attending a Bible study. Recently Keri and her two younger brothers spent several days doing volunteer work at VOM headquarters in Oklahoma.

When Keri was 15, she started a fiction story for a school assignment. The story’s main characters were four friends from a church in America. “I started to get more ideas, and the story just got longer and longer,” Keri said.

The story turned into a book called “In Paths of Righteousness” which will be published this fall. “It is set in the late 1880s and follows the life of a teenage boy and his search for God,” said Keri.

Some of the book’s characters experience persecution when they stand firm in their biblical faith. “I personally think the church is always persecuted to a degree,” said Keri. “Satan is always active….There is always going to be opposition to the truth, and when this opposition rises, do we stand back, pretend we’re not looking, and let it happen? Or do we hold firmly to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and speak out? We have the opportunity to demonstrate bold faith. Let’s pray for the strength and courage to do just that.”

During her visit to VOM, Keri offered the following advice for Christian youth. “Keep your focus on Christ. Be willing to lay aside your desire for His will….It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions this world has to offer. Get rid of idle time and spend more time with the Lord in prayer and reading Scripture.”

Sources: Personal interview and Keri Aeschliman’s blog