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Eritrea Lesson Plan for a Group or Class


Find photos, and additional information, crafts, and activities in Bold Believers in Eritrea available in the Download section of this site. Search the site’s “Eritrea” tag for posts related to the country.

The students will learn the meaning of witness and testimony. They will learn that Christians often witness boldly.


Sing in Tigrinya
Explain: Today we will learn about a woman named Helen who went to prison for singing praises to God in the country of Eritrea. We are free to sing songs that might be against the law in Eritrea. The main language in Eritrea is Tigrinya.
Instructions: Teach the children to sing the song, “God is So Good (He’s So Good to Me)” in Tigrinya.

First sing the following three times: “ahm-lahk sehn-nai.” Then sing: “sehn-nai yoo nah-ai.” (The “ai” sound in both lines is like the English word “eye.”)

The words literally mean “God, good. Good is he to me.”

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Quran Competition

Iranian man reading a Quran

Muslim children around the world are encouraged to memorize the Quran, the Muslim holy book. Many Muslims believe they will go to heaven when they die if they memorize the entire book. The Quran contains about 6,200 verses.

Quran reciting contests are held in many countries. Every year Muslims from more than 80 countries meet in the United Arab Emirates for a big competition.

Onstage contestants are shown on large screens so the audience can see them better. Some spectators take cell phone videos of the reciters. Top reciters are highlighted on YouTube. The winner of the contest gets 250,000 dirhams, which is more than $60,000 in U.S. money.

Judges recite a verse from anywhere in the Quran. Contestants then recite the following verse and several after it from memory. Reciters are judged not only for how well they have memorized the verses, but if they recite it in the right tone of voice and with proper pronunciation. All the verses are recited in Arabic, even by contestants who come from countries where Arabic is not the main language.

In the following (fictional) skit, a Christian boy is challenged to learn more about his own faith and God’s Word after meeting some Muslim children.

Read a chart comparing the Quran and the Bible.

Find more skits and plays in the Downloads section.

Learn more about the Quran and Islam in Learning About Islam in the Downloads section.

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Colombia Lesson Plan: Sticking to the Task

Students will learn the meaning of perseverance. They will learn that God can help Christians overcome obstacles which threaten to get in the way of following his will.

Explain: In some countries, Christians are forced away from their homes and villages because they follow Jesus. The Christians become refugees. Refugees are people who flee from an unsafe place to a safer place. But sometimes the refugee camps where they go are not very nice or comfortable.

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Pray for a Change of Heart


The Quran is the Muslim holy book. Chapter 4, Verse 157 of the Quran says, “[They claimed]…’We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of God,’ but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them…” (Sura 4:157, Yusuf Ali translation).

So Muslims do not believe that Jesus was crucified. During the Easter season, pray that Muslims will understand that Jesus died, rose again, and conquered death. Pray especially for radical Muslims who persecute Christians.

We know that persecutors can repent and become followers of Jesus. Read the following story about a Muslim in Nigeria who had a change of heart.

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Kids Grateful for Bibles

Chinese girl reading a Bible

Bibles Unbound is a VOM project that provides Bibles to people in countries where access to Bibles is limited. VOM receives thank-you letters from grateful children who have been given their first Bibles through the program. These children may be the future Christian leaders in their countries.

The following are a few of the translated letters received recently from Chinese children to VOM supporters who provide the Bibles.

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