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Pakistan: Learning to Forgive

Pakistani boy

Blasphemy Laws
“Blasphemy laws” in Pakistan say that no one may say anything against Islam or damage the Quran. (Islam is the religion of Muslims, and the Quran is the Muslim holy book.) It’s against the law to even damage any pages from the Quran.

Solomon, a 6-year-old boy in Pakistan is now an orphan because of the blasphemy laws. His Christian parents were accused of handling a Quran in a disrespectful way.

“My Faith Keeps Me Going”
It’s hard to tell exactly what happened on the day Solomon parents were accused. Different people have told different stories. According to Solomon’s uncle, Solomon’s parents were cleaning a house for a relative when Solomon’s mother threw away some papers. Like more than 60 percent of the women in Pakistan, Solomon’s mother could not read. So, she didn’t know that the papers contained Muslim writings.

A garbage collector told others what he found in the trash. Radical Muslims heard what happened, and they beat up Solomon’s parents. Sadly, they died from their injuries. Solomon and his two siblings now live with their grandfather. Sometimes, Solomon says to his grandfather, “When I’m older, I will kill the Muslims who did it.”

His grandfather answers, “You mustn’t say that. We need to trust God. He will fight for us.”

Solomon’s grandfather also said, “I am not angry with God. I know it was not His own design. It is not God who did this horrible act but people. My faith keeps me going. I have confidence that He will deliver justice in the end.”

(Source: SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands. Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

Pakistan: Christians Forced to Live in Slums

Pakistan is a country where Islam is the official religion. People can go to jail for life if they treat the Quran with disrespect. Pakistan’s “blasphemy laws” say that no one may speak out against Islam or damage the Quran. (Islam is the religion of Muslims, and the Quran is the Muslims’ holy book.)

Sometimes Muslims try to get revenge on Christians by accusing them of blasphemy. And sometimes if a court finds a Christian “not guilty” of blasphemy, radical Muslims attack the Christian anyway.

In 2012, Rimsha, a 14-year-old girl, was accused of burning a page of the Quran. She was arrested, and people all over the world protested. It turned out to be a false charge, and Rimsha was released. She and her parents fled to Canada.

Around 800 other Christians who lived in the same neighborhood as Rimsha were threatened by militant Muslims and had to flee for their lives as well. Where did these people go, and how did they survive after they left? The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister missions, VOM Canada and SDOK Netherlands, went to Pakistan to find out. Watch the video to learn about what they saw.
(Source: SDOK Netherlands and VOM Canada)

Feed Your Enemy

Boy in Pakistan

“Therefore, ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him a drink…’” (Romans 12:20).

The Voice of the Martyrs has partners in other countries who help VOM carry out projects in those countries. Earlier this year, armed men attacked and robbed a VOM partner in his home in Pakistan. They beat one of the partner’s brothers and stole the family’s belongings.

Later the police arrested seven men for the attack and put them in jail. The attackers were hungry in jail. In Pakistan, inmates’ families are expected to bring food to their relatives in jail. Some of the attackers had no one to bring them food.

Two brothers of VOM’s partner brought food to the hungry criminals and shared the gospel with them.

Pray that the attackers will come to know Christ and give up their violent ways.

Safe in Jesus

Pakistani girl with a Bible storybook

Previous posts have told about children in Pakistan who received booklets about the life of Jesus. Watch a video clip of some of the children here.

Razia, a 9-year-old girl in Pakistan, told what she learned from the booklet she received. Her story is below.

My grandfather died last month. So I was very sad. My Sunday school teacher visited me and gave me a storybook of Jesus. She told me, “Your grandfather was a believer. He is in heaven with Jesus. You can find this good news in this book.”

So happily I read the book and found this fact that Jesus is always with His people in heaven and on earth. And He is coming back to take His loving people.

I shared this good news with my grandmother. She said, “Yes, this good news is for those who receive Jesus as their personal Savior.”

Now I believe my life is safe in Jesus.

To Talk About

  • Have you ever visited someone who is sad and tried to comfort them? Ask a Christian adult to give you some ideas about things to say to help someone who is sad.
  • Razia went to Sunday school, but had not read the Bible. She did not understand the good news of Jesus’ salvation. Do you know how to tell someone how they can be saved?
  • Do you have a daily Bible reading plan so you can learn Bible truths to help others understand them?

Muslim Boy Learns About Jesus


Previous posts told about children in Pakistan who received booklets about Jesus that changed their lives. Read another testimony below from a Pakistani Muslim boy who is learning about Jesus from the book and from his friend.

My name is Rehman, and I belong to a poor family. Most of my friends are Christians, but we live together [peacefully].

One day I went to my friend’s home. Some friends at the home were reading books. I heard them talking about the book The Story of Jesus. They were talking about salvation. They said Jesus heals sick people.

I took the book home and read it, but I kept it secret from my family. After I read the book, I knew about the miracles of Jesus.

My older brother had been sick for many years. I asked my friend to ask Jesus to heal my brother. My friend asked me to come to Sunday school with him and we can both pray for Jesus. I went, and all the children prayed with me for my brother.

I kept going to Sunday school and learned more about Jesus. My brother is much better, and I share the stories of Jesus with him.

To Think About

  • What did Rehman see and hear when he went to his friend’s house?
  • What books do your friends see when they visit your house? Do they ever hear people sharing with each other what they have learned about Jesus?
  • Some people think it is not polite to talk with non-Christians about Christian beliefs. What do you think?