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India Bible Trip


Supporters of The Voice of the Martyrs send financial gifts to VOM to purchase Bibles for people in other countries. VOM then distributes the Bibles in places where it is often hard to find or buy a Bible.

But a lot happens between the time when VOM receives the money and someone in another country reads the Bible!

Watch the slide show to see photos of a recent VOM Bible distribution in India. The photos show how the Bibles got to the people, and they show some of the people who received the Bibles.

Read about a missionary to India here.

Amy Carmichael and Preena


The following story is featured on the children’s DVD “The Torchlighters: The Amy Carmichael Story,” available at Check the Downloads section for related study guides and coloring pages.

A Big Sacrifice
Preena was a Hindu girl who lived many years ago in India. She loved her family, but after her father died, the family was very poor.

Hindu temples honor many false gods. Hindus do not believe that faith in Jesus is the only way to have a personal relationship with the one true God. Preena’s mother wanted to please the Hindu gods. She thought her family would be blessed if she gave the gods a big sacrifice.

So she gave Preena to the gods.

A Sad Life
Preena was sent to live at a Hindu temple. She was not happy at the temple, and she missed her mother. Another temple girl told her that children who are dedicated to a temple god never go home. Preena tried to run away, but adults from the temple chased her. She ran to a marketplace and bumped into a kind lady. The lady wore a cross on a chain around her neck.
Preena was caught and returned to the temple. But she couldn’t forget the kind lady in the marketplace. “She was all light, like the sun,” Preena told one of the other temple girls.

The lady of light, Amy Carmichael, was a missionary from Ireland. Her Indian friends told her about the sad lives of the temple children who spent their days serving false gods. Just as Preena could not forget Amy, Amy thought often about Preena and the temple children, and she prayed for them.

Preena again escaped from the temple, and this time, Amy stood up to the temple adults. She refused to let them take Preena back to her dreary life at the temple. Preena was one of many children Amy rescued during her time in India. Amy told people around the world about the evil custom of giving children to temples. Finally, the Indian government made the custom illegal. Preena and many other children rescued by Amy followed and served Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Watch a video clip that shows Preena trying to run away from the temple.

A Story of Thomas


Recent posts on this site tell about bold believers in India today. But one of the first people to take the good news of Jesus to India arrived there almost 2,000 years ago.

Christians in India have passed down many stories and legends about Thomas, a disciple of Jesus and a missionary to India. The stories encourage Christians to stand up boldly for Jesus in the face of struggles. Read one of the traditional stories below, and read another story about Thomas here. Both are taken from the children’s book God’s Missionary: The Faith of Thomas available at

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Persecuted Church Grows

Children in India learning a Bible story

The children at the Baamaseen Church in India were performing at a special program. The church was too small to hold everyone who wanted to watch the program. So about 30 Christians stood outside the church to watch.

More than 100 violent Hindus came to the church and began hitting the Christians with sticks. They even hit the children.

Two days later, the attackers came back. They placed a picture of a Hindu god at the front of the church to show that the church would now be a Hindu temple. The Hindus performed a “reconversion” ceremony. They said the ceremony “reconverted” the Christians back to Hinduism. (The church members had left Hinduism to follow Jesus.)

The Church Grows
Actually only one family in the church returned to Hinduism. “We never denied Jesus,” the church’s two leaders told VOM workers. The church now meets secretly at night in small groups. The members spread the gospel in other villages.

“Persecution causes the church to grow,” said a church leader. “Our story is not an unusual story. Others are suffering even greater persecution than us. Jesus told us to rejoice and be glad when we are persecuted.”

(Source: The Voice of the Martyrs February 2015 newsletter)

The People Are the Church


A VOM supporter heard the story of a burned church in India. She painted a picture of the church members worshiping at the site of their burned church. (See the photo of the painting.)

The painting will hang at The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters as a reminder of our Christian brothers and sisters in India. It also reminds us that God’s people are His church, even when they are not inside a building.

What Happened at the Church
Hindu radicals beat up the pastor of a village church in India. The Hindus were angry because some other Hindus were leaving Hinduism and following Jesus.

Pastor James is the pastor of another church in the village. The church received many threats from Hindus. Then one night someone followed through on the threats. Pastor James got a phone call telling him that his church was on fire.

Church members gathered at the burning church. They cried and prayed until 3 a.m. “Don’t cry,” Pastor James told them. “This is not the church; the people are the church.”

Someone in the congregation gave the church a piece of land. Just four weeks after their church was burned, church members poured the foundation for a new building. VOM is helping them with some of the costs.

The church members know they could get attacked again. “We have strong faith,” said Pastor James. “We are ready to die for Jesus.”

(Source: The Voice of the Martyrs February 2015 newsletter)

To Discuss
What did Pastor James mean when he told his congregation that their new building was not the church?

To Do
Draw or paint a picture to illustrate a story on this website. If you want to share it with VOM workers, send it to The Voice of the Martyrs, P.O. Box 443, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74005-0443.

Some suggestions for stories to illustrate are listed below: