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Hmong [pronounced “mong”] people are a tribal group in Southeast Asia. Many are Christians. Others are seeking Jesus, but they have no one to tell them about the Savior. Government leaders in some areas do not want tribal members to become Christians.

Hmong Christians in Vietnam recently held a two-day Bible school for children ages 6 to 12 to teach them about Jesus. (See the photo.) The photo shows the children during a lunch break. They are eating on banana leaf mats, and their rice bowls are made of banana leaves, too. Other bowls contain instant noodle soup to put on the rice.

“Hmong people are very poor in most of the remote areas,” said a Christian worker. “That is the kind of food they can afford.”

What else can you tell about their lives and the area where they live from the photo?

To Do

  • Enter “Hmong” in the Search box to find more stories about Hmong Christians, or download Bold Believers of the Hmong People from the Downloads section. The book contains stories, coloring pages, activities, and culture facts.
  • Can you serve your family, class, or group rice and instant soup and share what you have learned about Hmong Christians? If desired, use “banana leaf” tablecloths that you make from a green paper roll.

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A Grandfather’s Sacrifice

Vietnamese Boy

“Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered the king…‘We do not need to defend ourselves to you. You can throw us into the blazing furnace. The God we serve is able to save us…If He does this, it is good. But even if God does not save us, we want you…to know this: We will not serve your gods. We will not worship the gold statue you have set up’” (Daniel 3:16–18, New Century Version).

Jiang was a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy. He was special, because he was the first grandson of his father’s parents.

Jiang’s grandfather, Mr. Giang, loved him very much. But Jiang was able to see his grandfather only when it was dark — never in the daylight. During the day, Mr. Giang hid in a secret cave in hills outside their village. At night he traveled down to the village to be with Jiang and the rest of his family.

Mr. Giang was hiding from the police. They were looking for him because he refused to build a worship altar to the spirits honored by many non-Christians in Vietnam. The police feared Christians because they thought Christians would not obey the communist government. So sometimes they tried to force people to follow false religions just to keep them away from Christianity.

Thanks to his grandfather, Jiang could grow up knowing the truth of the gospel. But sometimes following the truth requires a sacrifice. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3, Jiang’s grandfather endured trials for refusing to bow to false gods.

From the Kids of Courage archives

To Think About
Who made a sacrifice so you could hear the gospel? (Don’t forget those who were persecuted in the past for translating the Bible into your language.) What would you have to sacrifice for more people to hear the gospel?

A Different Kind of Test

Hmong Christians in Vietnam
Hmong Christians in Vietnam

Christian leaders in Vietnam travel to a secret location to attend classes. The classes help them learn more about the Bible and about leading others to Jesus.

The leaders come from tribal areas. Some of Vietnam’s tribal groups are: Hmong, Ede, K’ho, Hre, Jorai, Rade, Khmu, and Stieng. In some of the groups, few people have heard about Jesus. In other groups, many are coming to Christ. The classes are secret because local government leaders in some tribal areas don’t want Christians to spread the gospel.

Halfway through their training, the students take a break for two or three months. If they want to come back to class, they have to share the gospel with at least 30 people during their break.

This “test” can be hard to pass. Students are sometimes beaten up for encouraging people to follow Jesus. At times they are kicked out of villages. Their families may try to stop them from spreading the gospel.

But they continue to share the good news of Christ. The plan is for each student to create a new group of Christians to worship and serve God together.

To Think About

  • Why are the classes secret?
  • Why is the test hard to pass?
  • How does your church or faith group help you grow in Christ? Pray for the new groups in Vietnam, and thank God for the group you attend.

Source: July 2014 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter

Quan’s Dad

Boys in Vietnam

Quan was just 2 years old when some people came to his house in Vietnam to visit his father. Quan’s father was an evangelist, and he shared the gospel with the visitors. Some of the visitors decided to trust in Jesus as their Savior!

But the police were not happy about the new believers. Police in some parts of Vietnam try to stop people from becoming Christians.

The police decided to give one of the new Christians a hard time. He had only been a Christian for a short time, and already he was in danger of going to prison. After offering to go to prison in place of the new believer, Quan’s father was sentenced to six years in prison.

The police also arrested Quan’s mother and took her to the police station. Quan’s grandfather took care of him, but Quan cried because his mother was gone. Village policemen called the police station where the police were questioning Quan’s mother. The police made her listen to Quan’s cries over the phone. They hoped she would reveal the names of other Christians so she could return home to Quan.

After six years, Quan’s father was released, but only for five months. Then he was arrested again and sentenced to nine more years in prison. He is still in prison.

Quan doesn’t really know his father because he’s never been around him that much. “Trust in the Lord,” his mother says. “One day your father will be released and we will be united. Don’t be sad, and accept what the Lord has for us.”

On Father’s Day again this year, please continue to pray for children who are separated from their fathers because they family follows Jesus.

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