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Joyful Reading


The recent post “Two Million Scriptures” told about The Voice of the Martyrs’ Bibles Unbound project reaching more than two million people with Bibles and New Testaments. The project delivers Scriptures to people in countries where it may be difficult to find or get Bibles.

Open the gallery to view photos of some of the people who have received Bibles through Bibles Unbound.

Two Million Scriptures


People who support The Voice of the Martyrs’ Bibles Unbound project make it possible for VOM to deliver Bibles and New Testaments into countries where Scriptures are not easy to get. This week, the total count of Scriptures sent went over 2 million!

How much is 2 million? A gardening website says that the average square foot of lawn has 3,000 blades of grass in it. So 667 square feet would, on average, contain about 2,001,000 blades of grass, just a little over 2 million. Measure off a 22-foot by 30-foot grassy area to form a 660-square foot space.

Pick up a blade of grass from the space to represent one person who has received a Bibles Unbound Bible or New Testament. Look at all the other blades left in the measured-off area. They represent people who now also have Scriptures they can read for themselves. Many also share their Bibles with others.

Pray for the continued work of Bibles Unbound, and the new Bibles Unbound project to send Bibles to Iran.

An Amazing Wedding Proposal

A typical church meeting in Vietnam

In Vietnam, some officials do not want Christians to spread their faith among Christians in tribes that are not part of the main people group, the Viet. A young Vietnamese man wanted to get married, but he also knew that the Lord was calling him to preach to tribal people. He met a girl at church and proposed marriage to her in a letter. Here is what the young man said about his proposal:

“I met a girl named Minh in my house church. The first time we met, I felt that she would be my future wife. I wrote a letter to her that said, ‘If you marry a man who serves the Lord, our life will have much suffering. I could not promise you enough nice things or money. We will not have much family life, and I will often have to travel far from home. I will probably even be arrested for the sake of Christ. Please pray hard about a relationship with me.’

“After praying, Minh agreed to continue our relationship for two years before we married.”

The pastor was indeed arrested many times for his Christian work. But he said,

“The Lord has truly blessed me and my family. I am convinced that when we are obedient to the Lord’s calling, he will give us peace and grace in any difficult situation.”

(Paraphrased and edited from Between Two Tigers, available from

What Do You Do?, Part 3


Recently a reader submitted a question for VOM workers, asking “What do you do?” The Voice of the Martyrs’ mission statement says VOM’s mission is: Serving the persecuted church through practical and spiritual assistance while leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with them.”

Several VOM workers enjoyed answering the reader’s question. Read some of their responses below.

RC: Each year, funds are sent by VOM donors help Christians in several different regions of the world. My job is Regional Coordinator of the region that includes China, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, and the Philippines. I help our workers in the countries communicate with workers in the home office.

I am blessed to work with people in my region who diligently look for ways to serve our persecuted brothers. It is rewarding to see how responsibly the donations to The Voice of the Martyrs are used to supply Bibles, help prisoners and families of martyrs, spread the gospel with radio broadcasts and balloon launches, and help support ministry needs in the field.

Y Wo Nie is Free!

Y Wo NieY Wo Nie

Y Wo Nie is a Christian in Vietnam. He was arrested in 2004 because he led a demonstration for religious freedom, and he received a nine-year prison sentence. His family was not able to visit him often while he was in prison. He was sometimes sick, and his wife had to work very hard to take care of their family with him gone.

Y Wo Nie was featured on VOM’s PrisonerAlert site. The site helps readers compose and send letters to Christians in prison for their faith. More than 5,000 letters were sent to Y Wo Nie from the site.

VOM recently received a report than Y Wo Nie was released early from prison! Praise God for his freedom in Christ and freedom from prison. Pray for other Christians still in prison in Vietnam and for their families.