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Susan is a teenager in Uganda who has suffered for her faith in Christ.

After she became a Christian, her father, who is not a Christian, locked her in a room in their mud hut. She lived on roasted bananas that her brother secretly gave her. Their father threatened both Susan and her brother with further harm.

Neighbors told the police what was happening, and Susan was rescued from the house after several months. But she was sick and weak from the harsh treatment, and she could not even walk and talk. She needed two operations and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Now she has to walk on crutches.

The Voice of the Martyrs helped Susan move to a boarding school where she can live safely. “She is happy for this opportunity to have help from God’s people,” said a Christian worker in Uganda.

“I am so happy to be with Jesus Christ as my personal Savior,” Susan said. “I know that it was the right thing for me to do, and I cannot go back.”

Please pray for Susan.

  • Pray that she will do well in school even though she missed several months.
  • Ask God to completely heal her.
  • Pray for her family.
  • Pray that she will continue to grow in her faith.

Pastor Attacked in Uganda

Umar with bandages

Christianity is growing in Uganda. Radical Muslims want the growth to stop.

Umar is a pastor in Uganda. He and his wife have six children.

On Christmas Eve in 2011, Pastor Umar was attacked on his way to church. The attackers threw some acid at the pastor, and it burned his face.

Seven months later, someone threw a note into Pastor Umar’s church. The note threatened Umar’s family with further harm.

But the pastor was not at the church. He was in another country getting treatment for his burn scars.

In February 2013, attackers again came to the church. They brought more acid with them. But they spilled they acid on the church veranda, and no one was injured.

Ask God to continue to protect Pastor Umar, his wife, and their six children. The Voice of the Martyrs is helping support and encourage the family.