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Islam in Uganda and Hassan’s School

Hassan’s school

The previous post told about Hassan, a Muslim in Uganda who tried to disrupt Christian meetings — until he met Jesus. The majority of the people in Uganda are Christians. But Islam is growing, and parts of the country have more Muslims than Christians. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

Why is Islam Growing?
*Besides attacking Christian meetings, Hassan and other Muslims studied how to use technology and media to make Muslim beliefs seem more appealing.

*Muslims worship in buildings called “mosques,” and their holy book is the Quran. But Muslim media specialists may call a mosque a “Muslim church” and the Quran the “Muslim Bible.” They hope Christians will think, “Muslims are a lot like us!” (Check the Beliefs section to find several charts comparing differences between Islam and biblical Christianity.)

*A Muslim businessman may come to a town in Uganda and say, “I’m going to open a factory and hire 1,000 people to work for me. But everyone I hire has to be a Muslim.”

*Christian students are not welcome to attend school in Muslim areas.

After Hassan became a Christian, he started a school for children of persecuted Christians who were not welcome in their local schools. One of the things the school teaches the children is how to share their faith with Muslims.

The photo above shows the children in the school. Hassan is in the back wearing a red shirt.

To Think About
After reading this post, can you list five things to pray about for Uganda and the Christians there?

Uganda: “Go and Get Saved!”

Pastor in Uganda

Hassan had a job to do. His job was to organize a Muslim mob to break up a Christian revival meeting in Uganda. The mob gathered clubs and stones as they had done several times before, and they started toward the meeting, ready to fight. When they got to the meeting, Hassan heard a voice say, “You go and get saved!”

“Hassan kind of freaked out,” said a VOM worker who talked to Hassan later. “His heart started beating rapidly, and he felt like he couldn’t breathe.”

Hassan felt so strange, he thought he might die. “I’m going to die unless a Christian prays for me,” Hassan thought. He walked around at the meeting asking Christians to pray for him. But the Christians thought he was setting them up. They believed that praying for him might be a signal to the mob to start their violence. So they wouldn’t pray.

Hassan shut himself in a van and said, “I’m not leaving this van until someone prays for me.” But the Christians thought he planned to blow himself up, along with the van, if anyone opened the door.

Finally a pastor said, “I’m going in there. If I die, I go to heaven. But if this man is really seeking Christ and we don’t help him, how can we live?” He entered the van and prayed for Hassan, who then trusted Christ as his Savior.

After word spread that Hassan had become a Christian, his Muslim wife left him and Muslims burned down his house.

Read more about Uganda and Hassan in the next post.

Sunday School Around the World: Uganda

Ugandan girls with Bibles

Last year, a VOM worker visited Christians in a mostly-Muslim area of Uganda. The worker was sad when he met some Christian children and realized that many were not growing in their faith.

“There are so many children and so few children’s teachers,” the VOM worker said. “They have no materials and no Bibles, and the situation is not good.

“We saw Muslim kids who knew much more about their faith than the Christian children knew about Christianity. We asked the Christian kids what they knew about God, and they didn’t know much.

“Please pray for the children’s church that they may get teachers to help them, especially in places where most people are Muslims.”

(Source: VOM contacts. Edited from the original for clarity and length.)

Watch this video that shows people in Uganda receiving Bibles sent by The Voice of the Martyrs.

Read about some Muslim beliefs here. Go to the Beliefs section of this site to find more charts comparing biblical Christianity with other beliefs.

Boy Reads the Bible for Six Hours

Parents and Teachers: Last year, The Voice of the Martyrs distributed 1 million Bibles in hostile areas and nations that restrict Christianity. More than a quarter of a million of those Bibles were children’s Bibles. The July 2016 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter features stories about VOM’s Bible distribution work. Please preview the stories before sharing them with your children or class. Or, share stories from this site, like the one below, with your children, then pray together for the people in the stories.

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The boy (in the red shirt) who read the Bible for six hours

VOM contacts recently went door-to-door in Uganda to tell people about Jesus. (Enter “Uganda” in the Search box to read about the lives of Christians in Uganda.) At one house, a teenage boy answered the door.

“He had heard about God, but he did not care about God at all,” the workers said later. “He did whatever he wanted to do with no guidance from anyone.

“He admitted he had not been living a good life….He could read, so we gave him a Bible. At first he read from Psalm 1. By the time he got to Verse 3, he realized that his hands were dirty.

“‘I cannot read with dirty hands,’ he said. ‘Let me wash and return.’ He washed his hands then read the whole Psalm.

“We went on to another house, and when we passed by his house two hours later, he was still reading his Bible. After six hours, we stopped by his house on our way out of the village, and he was still reading. ‘I can’t stop reading,’ he said. ‘Every word I read invites me to read more….I pray I come to know more about this God.’ We told him about a Bible teacher and a fellowship that could help him.”

(Source: VOM contacts. Edited and paraphrased from the original for clarity and length.)

To Think About

  • Read Psalm 1. Why is it a good Bible passage to show someone who has not been living a godly life?
  • Why do you think Christians in Uganda go door-to-door telling people about Jesus when Christians in some parts of the Uganda are persecuted?
  • Do you know someone who is not a Christian? What do you think their reaction might be if you offered them a Bible? (Discuss any plans to witness to a non-Christian with a mature Christian adult, and ask for their advice and prayers.)
  • Why do you think the boy felt he needed to wash his hands while reading the Bible?

Another Story from Uganda

Girls in Uganda
Girls in Uganda

Recently a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs met with two girls in Uganda whose family is persecuted for their faith. The girls’ father left Islam, the religion of Muslims, and became a Christian. Their mother continued to be a Muslim. She was forced to leave her husband and was given to a Muslim man.

The mother wanted to keep her daughters with her. But they did not want to be Muslims, so they went with their father. They love their mother and they often miss her. But they can’t visit her. Muslims close to her have threatened to harm the girls and their father. The girls are living in a safe place now.

“They are happy to be in school, and they want to be teachers in the future,” said the VOM worker who visited them. “They are young, but they seem to understand what it means to be hated because of coming to Christ.”

Ask God to comfort these Christian girls when they are lonely and miss their mother.