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Emre Wants to Go to Camp


(The story below comes from Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, a ministry that is part of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. SDOK is in the Netherlands, where the people speak Dutch.)

Emre from Turkey has already been to a Christian summer camp twice. He thought it was super fun. The kids at camp learn Bible stories, sing songs, and play cool games. Emre is a Christian and nobody else at his school is Christian. He finds that quite difficult. That’s why he wants to go to the summer camp again. There he can meet his Christian friends and learn a lot from the Bible.

The summer camp leaders make lots of preparations, but sometimes there is bad news. It is not always easy to find a nice and safe place to have the camp. Do you want to pray that a good spot is found next time? Then Emre can go to camp again!

Watch an SDOK video of Christian kids at a camp in Turkey here.

Update: Prayers for Turkish Children Answered

Turkish girl

A post on this site last year told about Turkish children at a school where most of the students were Muslims. The Muslim students and teachers mocked the children and their beliefs.

The family enrolled the children in a different school, but the problems continued. The children’s father had three prayer requests:

*Pray that our children will show the love of Jesus in a place where He is not known.
*Pray that we will teach our children to be lights in the darkness.
*Pray that we will be good examples for our children.

The Voice of the Martyrs recently heard from the family again. Some children at the school had been misbehaving, but the children from the Christian family continued to be “lights in the darkness.”

Others noticed their behavior and complimented the parents for teaching their children well. The parents were “good examples” for their children.

Some Muslims began to ask the family questions about the Bible and Christianity. The family is now sharing “the love of Jesus in a place where He is not known.”

Thank you to the readers who prayed for the Turkish Christian family.

Turkey: Pray for Children Who Are Mocked

Turkish girl

A pastor in Turkey shared a prayer request with The Voice of the Martyrs. His children attend an elementary school where most of the students are Muslims. The Muslim students, and even the teachers, mock the children’s Christian beliefs.

The pastor and his wife are working hard to teach their children godly ways, but the children are hearing other ideas from kids at school. They changed schools last year, but they still have problems in the new school.

The pastor asked VOM to let Christians know about the following prayer needs of his family.

*Pray that our children will show the love of Jesus in a place where He is not known.
*Pray that we will teach our children to be lights in the darkness.
*Pray that we will be good examples for our children.

A Fighter Sees a Vision

Christians all over the world are praying for radical Muslims to learn and understand the truth about Jesus. A previous post told about an ISIS fighter who searched for a Bible after he grew tired of violence. Read about another ISIS fighter below.

Suddenly and without warning, one day an ISIS fighter in Syria had a vision of a cross. He was not pleased. Muslims believe that Jesus was just a prophet and not the Son of God. They don’t believe that Jesus died on a cross. They know that the cross is an important symbol to Christians.

“What’s wrong with me?” the ISIS fighter wondered after his vision. He began searching the Internet for a Muslim site to help him strengthen his faith in Muslim teachings.

But instead, he stumbled onto a Christian site! As he read the site, he grew more and more interested. He began to doubt his own faith.

The fighter left Syria and went to Turkey where he met a Christian who explained Christianity to him. The ISIS fighter became a Christian.

(Source: Edited for length, clarity, and age-appropriateness.)

To Talk About
What might have happened if the Christian in Turkey were not able to explain Christianity to the ISIS fighter? What would you say if a Muslim asked you to explain your Christian faith?

Thanks for Bibles

Albania is near Greece and Turkey. It used to be an atheist country, and no religions were allowed. (An atheist is someone who does not believe God exists.) Since 1990, religions have no longer been against the law.

Muslim countries have spent millions of dollars in Albania trying to convert the people to Islam, the religion of Muslims. Today the majority of the people are Muslims, but many are not serious about their faith.

The thank-you notes below are from two Albanian children who received Bibles.

My name is Matthew, and I am 10 years old. My family is made of my mom and dad and my baby sister. I was very glad when a friend of my mother gave me the Bible for children. I have read in this book many beautiful stories I never heard before. My mom is sick and for 6 months she has been away from home. She is being cured in Italy. The book has taught me how to pray to God in hard times. I thank those who gave me this book, and please pray for my mother’s healing.

Greetings from Maria. I am 11 years old. From the time I was born, I have had problems with my [vocal] cords, and I didn’t have a voice. Often people would ask me questions about this. When I was little, my mom would always tell me that I was created in a unique way, and that God wants to use me for a special purpose. Now that I read the Bible every day, I understand how much God loves me and how many wonderful things He has planned for me. My voice is now getting clearer and I’m encouraged by every word I read in the Bible. Thank you for this Bible.

(Testimonies have been edited for length and clarity.)