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The March 2019 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine features stories about Christians from the North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco. The issue includes an article about Cyprian, a North African Christian who was martyred by the Romans in the year 258. Today, both radical Muslim groups and government authorities across North Africa still persecute Christians. You can share the stories of North African Christians on this site with your children, then pray together for the people in the stories.

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Algeria in 2014

Algeria and Tunisia

A President’s Birthday
Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the president of Algeria. In recent years, he has been seriously ill. He was 77 years old on March 2, 2014.

Christians in Algeria
It is against the law in Algeria to encourage a Muslim to become a Christian. “If they find you with Christian materials, they will arrest you immediately,” said an Algerian Christian. “One Bible, you can have. Two Bibles, you cannot have because the second one is clearly not yours. They say you are just trying to give it to someone else.”

A 2006 law required churches to register with the government. But when churches tried to register, the government would not approve their applications. Officials ordered more than 20 churches to close in 2008, and radical Muslims have attacked several churches in the years since the law passed. Many churches now meet in homes or in the countryside.

Algerian Muslims who become Christians are sometimes insulted, threatened, and attacked by Muslims who do not want them to leave Islam.

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Homework and Academic Fair Ideas

Are you looking for a topic for a school report or academic fair project? The free Bold Believers activity books in the Downloads section of this site provide information about many unique subjects. Read the list below to find examples of some of the topics featured in the books.

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Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia
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Flags of Turkey and Similar Flags


The flags of many Muslim countries display the crescent moon and a star. Before Islam began, pagans who worshipped many gods used the crescent moon as a symbol. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Muslim Turks who conquered Constantinople also used the moon as their symbol. (Constantinople in now called Istanbul. Istanbul is the capital of Turkey.)

People began to associate the crescent moon with the religion of Islam. Some Muslims today say the moon is not a symbol of Islam. However, the moon and star appear on the flags of many Muslim countries.

Print and color the page of flags here. The background of the flag of Turkey is red and the moon and stars are white. Find the colors of the other flags in the Countries section of this website, in the online CIA Factbook, or in other sources.

Enter the names of the countries in the search box of this site or the tags for this post to find stories that can guide you about how to pray for the country.

“God Has a Purpose”


The people of Tunisia celebrate their Independence Day on March 20. Tunisia used to be ruled by France, but became an independent country in 1957.

Most of the people in Tunisia are Muslims. Some are leaving Islam and finding freedom from sin in Christ. The following is a story about one of those believers.

Rami tried to be a good Muslim. He observed Muslim fasts, studied the Quran, and followed Muslim rules. But the more he tried to follow Islam, the less happy he grew.

Rami gave up trying to be good and even quit praying Muslim prayers. Then one day, he met an American Christian at a rock concert. Rami and the Christian invited Rami to church. He began comparing the teachings in the Bible with those in the Quran. After a year of study, he decided to follow Jesus!

Life as a New Christian
Rami’s friends were no longer friendly to him, and his family was ashamed of his faith.

“People would come to me on the road and say, “Is it true you became a Christian? Be careful; that is not good!” Rami said.

Rami explained that he had become a Christian because he realized he needed a Savior. But many Muslims did not listen to him. When Rami offered one Muslim a Bible, the man said to Rami, “You are stupid! You are a donkey!”

Police officers and other government officials asked him lots of questions. An official warned Rami, “There are not many Christians in Tunisia. You will not be able to find a girl to be your wife.”

Rami thinks the government of Tunisia might be afraid of Christians. They may think Christians and Muslims will start fighting each other. He told the officials that they should not fear Christians.

“I told them as Christians, we have to love each other,” said Rami. “We have to love everyone; we have to love our enemies. We have to forgive everyone who makes evil against us, and we don’t do evil.”

No matter what happens, Rami said he will continue to share his faith in Christ. “God has a purpose for his church in Tunisia,” Rami said. “We just need to leave it in God’s hands.”

(Source: Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia)

Visit this link to download a Tunisian coloring page.