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The Missionaries and the Snake Bite

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited and paraphrased from the interview)

Ron Morse’s parents, grandparents, and other relatives were missionaries, and Ron grew up on the mission field. He faced situations that challenge us to be willing to do difficult things to share Christ.

One day, Ron, three of his cousins, and his uncle decided to go to a village in Thailand to tell the people about Jesus. The villagers were part of the Lisu tribe. Ron grew up among Lisu people and knew their language. But the missionaries had not visited this particular village.

“We were wondering if we were going to be allowed to enter the village,” said Ron. “We knew the culture, we could communicate, but we didn’t know these people.

“I Am Going to Die”
“We were praying,” Ron continued. “Within five minutes, a woman walked past, carrying a baby in a small basket, and weeping.

“‘Why are you crying?’ we asked her. ‘I am going to die,’ she answered. ‘A snake bit me. I need to take my baby home, and then I probably am going to die.’

“‘We have a snake bite kit,’ we told her. ‘Would you like us to help you?’

“She was a little hesitant, but we went to her house. She washed her foot where the bite was. Then her husband showed up and said, ‘What are you doing in my house?’

“‘We can help your family,’ we said. We got out the snake bite kit, but realized that the bite was on her middle toe. If you look at your toes, you will see that the middle toe is bony and has very little flesh around it. A snake bite kit operates on a vacuum, a suction. The toe had nothing for it to suck against.

“‘This isn’t going to work,’ we thought. ‘She’s going to die, and it will be blamed on us.’

“‘Lord, what shall we do?’ we prayed. My uncle said, ‘We will have to take turns and suck the venom from her toe. Wash your mouth out when you are done.’

Preaching the Gospel
“So we took turns. We were using mouth-to-toe resuscitation.

“Well, she lived. And that evening, the whole house was filled, and we were able to preach the gospel. ‘Why are you here?’ they asked. ‘What is your message?’ The Lord had opened a door.

“So don’t ever minimize the opportunities that God brings your way. All I can say is to be prepared for the unexpected and the unusual, because God has a great sense of humor.”

Guess the Country

Guess the country
Guess the country

VOM workers took this photo of a boy pumping water from a well. The boy lives in a country served by VOM. Can you guess the country? Visit this link to find out the country and more about it.

Hint: The country is East of Bangladesh and India, and west of Laos and Thailand.