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A Testimony from Nigeria

Watch the video to hear about a man who was strengthened in his faith by persecution.

Brave Christian Saves Children from Bomb

Awuna’s hand was injured by the bomb

Awuna was working as a volunteer at a hospital in Nigeria when he heard gunshots outside. Christians are often attacked in Nigeria, so Awuna decided to go home where he would be safer.

As he rode his motorbike toward his house, he remembered that it was Friday. The children at his church would be practicing for a Sunday school program. Instead of going home, Awuna went to the church.

When he got to the church, the children were crying. Awuna saw a can in the church with a wire hanging out of the opening. Awuna had never seen a bomb, but he thought the can might be dangerous to the children. He picked it up to throw it out the window. Awuna didn’t stop to think that it might hurt him. The bomb exploded in his hand.

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Grace in Nigeria


Workers from The Voice of the Martyrs recently went to Nigeria where they visited with Christians who have suffered in attacks by radical Muslims. Read more about their visit in the previous post, Nigeria: Visit Cut Short.

Four-year-old Grace (see photo) was one of the people injured in an attack. Her mother carried Grace on her back as the ran away from the Muslims, but the Muslims were able to get close enough to injure Grace’s arm. As a result of the attack, Grace is missing one arm.

Grace is now 6 years old, and she started going to school, but had to quit when she needed more medical care for her arm. She will continue to receive care as she needs it.

Nigerian Christians remain strong in their faith in God, and depend on him to comfort and care for them. Thank God for their faithful example to the Muslims around them. Pray for Grace and other Christians who are recovering from injuries. Pray for Grace’s future, education, health, and for her to always have joy in the Lord.

Nigeria: Visit Cut Short


Earlier this month, workers from The Voice of the Martyrs visited Nigeria to help and encourage Christians there. A radical Muslim group called Boko Haram ordered Christians to leave northern Nigeria, and radicals have attacked Christians and churches. (Northern Nigeria is mostly Muslim, and the south is mostly Christian.)

However, Nigerian Christians asked the VOM workers to leave before their visit was over. In addition to the unrest caused by Muslim attacks, some citizens were protesting high gasoline prices. The Nigerians feared the airport would close and the workers would be trapped in the country.

Please pray for Christians in northern Nigeria who must wonder if they might be the target of future attacks. Pray for VOM workers who will continue to help and encourage Nigerian Christians in future visits.

Nigerian Beads Activity



Needed: 1-inch by 8 1/2-inch strips of colorful paper (magazine pages, gift wrap, origami paper, wallpaper samples, or construction paper); straws; tape; yarn, ribbon, fishing line, or thin wire; buttons, metal washers, macaroni, paper clips, or sequins

To make Nigerian “beads,” place a straw on one end of a paper strip, perpendicular to the strip. Fold the end of the strip over the straw and tape it to the strip. Roll up the straw in the paper to the other end of the strip. Tape the end shut, and gently pull the straw out.

Repeat with more strips. String the “beads” on yarn, ribbon, fishing line, or thin wire. You may string other objects between the beads, such as buttons, macaroni, metal washers, paper clips, or sequins.

Note: If you want to make a “witness chain,” make your beads yellow, black, red, white, and green. Yellow represents heaven, where God lives and everything is perfect. Black stands for sin, which is not allowed in heaven. Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed to save those who believe in him so they can be with him in heaven forever. White represents the clean heart of those who admit their sin to God, believe in his Son, Jesus, and call on him to save them from sin. Green is the color of growing things. Our relationship with God grows when we pray, read the Bible, gather with other believers for worship, and share the good news of Jesus with others.