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Pastor Chhedar Update


Pastor Chhedar has been released from prison! An earlier post told about the pastor’s arrest in Nepal. Hindus in the area accused the pastor of killing a cow, which is against Hindu tradition. His wife and three children missed Pastor Chhedar, and the children were mocked and teased while he was in prison.

Read more about Pastor Cheddar at Prisoner Alert.

Grateful for Bibles and Love

Outside Church

The Voice of the Martyrs’ helpers recently distributed Bibles among a group of refugees in Nepal. The refugees are from Bhutan. (Bhutan and Nepal are northeast of India. Check a map of Asia to see how close Bhutan is to Nepal.)

This photo shows the outside of a church where the Bibles were distributed. As you can see, the people leave their shoes outside the church when they enter.

Inside the church, the Christians were thankful for VOM supporters who made it possible for them to receive Bibles. “We could see the hunger of the believers to receive the word of God,” said the VOM contact. “One of them said, ‘We never thought there were people who love us.’ They are people who have not been loved because they have nothing.”

Father’s Day Update

Father's Day

Last year, a post on this site encouraged prayer for Phurbu, Lakpa, Sumjung, Christian children in Nepal. Their father, Chhedar Bhote, is in prison. He was arrested for eating beef and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

You can read more about Pastor Chhedar and his situation on The site also explains how you can write an encouraging letter to the pastor.

On Father’s Day again this year, please continue to pray for children who are separated from their fathers because they family follows Jesus.

Homework and Academic Fair Ideas

Are you looking for a topic for a school report or academic fair project? The free Bold Believers activity books in the Downloads section of this site provide information about many unique subjects. Read the list below to find examples of some of the topics featured in the books.

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Bold Believers in Pakistan
9/11, the Taliban, al-Qaida
Blasphemy laws
Bonded laborers
Pakistani culture
Bold Believers Among the Khmu of Southeast Asia
Who are the Khmu?
Buddhist beliefs
Bold Believers in North Korea
Robert Thomas, missionary
Learning About Islam
Muslim beliefs and practices
Comparing Islam and Christianity
The Quran
Women in Islam
Bold Believers in Burma
Bold Believers in Colombia
Comparing Marxism and Christianity
Bold Believers in Turkey
Smyrna, a Turkish city
Bold Believers in Gaza and the West Bank
Bold Believers in Eritrea
Eritrean Christians
Bold Believers in Egypt
Making papyrus
Comparing Christianity and the ancient religion of the Pharaohs
Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs
Who are the Uygurs?
Bold Believers in China
Big things in China
Christians in China
Bold missionaries who went to China
Bold Believers in Iraq
Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims
Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia
Christians in North Africa (also see Bold Believers in Morocco and Egypt)
Berbers and Berber cave homes (also see Bold Believers in Morocco)
Bold Believers in Indonesia
Religions of Indonesia
Islands of Indonesia
Bold Believers in India
The states of India
Bold Believers of the Hmong People
The Hmong people
Bold Believers in Vietnam
The religions of Vietnam
Children of Christian prisoners
Bold Believers in Nepal
The religions of Nepal
Bold Believers in Chiapas (Mexico)
Christians in Chiapas
Bold Believers in Ethiopia
Ethiopian culture
Bold Believers in Uzbekistan
Uzbek culture

An Eight-Hour Walk and a Dream That Came True

Boys in Nepal
Boys in Nepal

The Voice of the Martyrs received the following report from a Christian in Nepal.

“My name is Bandhu. I am from a very rural and remote part of Nepal. I gave my life to Christ six years ago. All seven in my family are believers. I am very poor farmer.

“Two months ago, I heard that some believers are giving the Bible for free. But it was not in our village. The leader of our church mentioned that if we can go to the place where the Bibles will be distributed, we will get one. I knew that it would take me and my son eight hours to walk. I called my son and said, ‘Let’s go to get the Bible.’

“We walked eight hours and finally we arrived. The local pastors said, ‘All of you get in a line, we will bring the Bible to you.’ When the distribution started, I was watching the pastor move and thinking, ‘I will get the most valuable thing in my life.’

“When I touched the first time the Bible which both has Old Testament and New Testament, I knew that is it real. As distribution finished, I and my son sat together and checked our Bibles. We realized both are the same because we never knew that every Bible has the same words. I realized that our dream came true.

“We have now our own Bibles at home. We read them every day. We discuss them every day at home. I can see the blessing that came to our family after we got the Bible. I just want to thank VOM who made this possible for believers like us. We have started to pray that the VOM office will do more of this type of ministry, not only in Nepal but all over the world.”

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)

To Talk About

  • How far would you have to walk to get to the Bible that is nearest you right now?
  • Can you and a friend or family member agree to read your Bibles daily and to talk about what you read like Bandhu and his son?