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Nepal News and Facts

Nepali youth reading Bibles

  • About 30 percent of children ages 5 to 14 in Nepal work to earn money.
  • The Kumari of Kathmandu lives in a palace and is called “the Living Goddess” by people in Nepal. Hindus and Buddhists honor her at festivals, parades, and ceremonies. Except for such occasions, the Kumari usually stays inside. When she leaves the palace, she is carried so that her feet do not touch the ground. Kumaris are usually younger than 5 when they begin their time as a Kumari. A new Kumari is chosen every few years.
  • Nepal has a child bride problem. Even though the legal age for marriage is 18, hundreds of girls younger than 15 are married each year. Some are married willingly; others do not want to get married. Usually the girls are not able to attend school after they marry.
  • Nepal has many of the world’s 10 tallest mountains.
  • About 30 percent of children under 5 in Nepal do not weigh enough to be considered healthy. (Source: CIA Factbook)
  • About 75 percent of the people in Nepal are Hindus, and about 15 percent are Buddhists. Many follow a mixture of the two religions. Those who come to Christ from other religions may be persecuted by their families, neighbors, teachers, bosses, and others.
  • Nepal had a king until 2008. Now the people elect a president. The citizens celebrate their new kind of government every year on May 28th, Republic Day.
  • Nepal is the only country with a flag that is not a rectangle or a square. Find a Nepal flag to print and color here. Use the flag as a reminder to pray for Nepal on their Republic Day and other days. The facts above can guide you in your prayers.

(Sources include: The CIA Factbook)

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Secret Bible Distribution

Youth in Nepal

The Voice of the Martyrs magazine and Kids of Courage readers donate money to provide Bibles for Christians who live in countries where Bibles can be hard to find. Read a story here about a boy who raised money for Bibles.

Do you ever wonder what happens after VOM receives the money and takes the Bibles to Christians in other countries? The story below tells about workers from VOM-Australia handing out Bibles in Nepal.

We had arranged with pastors to meet Christians at a secret location. Our VOM team loaded 4-wheel drive vehicles with Bibles and drove for several hours. Then we left the road and drove across stony river beds with water halfway up the tires.

When we got to the secret location, we saw 600 people dressed in colorful clothing walking toward us. The pastors told us that the believers had walked six hours to get there. We had only 20 minutes to distribute the Bibles to 600 people. Then they had to leave for their own safety.

The people were quickly and quietly divided into groups, and we passed out the Bibles. When they received the Word of God, many of them kissed the cover. Some opened the pages and then kissed them. Some women covered their heads in respect for receiving the Word of God.

The Christians began to pray, thanking God for the precious books. The children looked in amazement at the colorful pictures in the Bible, pointing to them and discussing them with each other.

There was no food given on that day, only Bibles for 600 believers, but we felt that a tremendous feeding of the soul had begun for those who received His precious Word.

Source: VOM-Australia. Edited from the original for clarity and length.

In God’s Hands


“They can take my clothes and all my property. But they cannot burn Christ and the church from our hearts. We are in God’s hands.” — Thomas, a Christian in Mexico whose home church was burned

The Voice of the Martyrs has received two recent reports about someone burning Christian Bibles and materials.

  • More than 8,000 Bibles and Christian books were ruined after someone set fire to them at a Bible Correspondence Course office in Turkey. (See the photo.)
  • Hindu radicals in Nepal entered a church and took Christian pamphlets outside where they set them on fire. They warned the pastors and believers not to preach about Jesus anymore.

If you had no Bibles or Christian books, how would you share the truth about God and Jesus with others? Pray that the Christians in Turkey and Nepal will continue to boldly share God’s word with others, and ask God to protect their work for Him.

“Do You Want to See My New Book?”


“Our goal is a ‘Bible for Every Believer.’ What is remarkable about this goal is that many of the believers we serve are in the most hostile and restricted places on earth. Places where it is possible to be killed just for possessing contraband — like a Bible.” — a worker in The Voice of the Martyrs’ International Ministries department

A VOM worker told the following story after a recent Bible distribution in Nepal.

“That morning, we also distributed Children’s Bible story books. I was so pleased to see the young girl in this picture sharing her story book with a neighbor. As soon as our meeting was over, she ran out the door where her Hindu neighbor boy was waiting. We smiled at him and then she asked him if he wanted to see her new book. Of course he did! He couldn’t wait to check it out! He began to excitedly flip through the pages, and I have a feeling that he’ll get a chance to read the entire book before long.”

To Think About

  • Learn more about the beliefs Hindu children are taught here. What are some of the differences between Hinduism and Christianity?
  • Have you ever shared a Bible story with someone who had never heard the story before?

Ten Things Persecuted Christians Are Thankful For

Give Thanks

Thanksgiving will be celebrated this week in the United States.

To Do and To Discuss

  • List 10 things for which you are thankful.
  • Read below the list of things persecuted Christians have said they are thankful for.
  • How many of the things on their list are available to you?
  • Are there any things on your list and the persecuted Christians’ list that are the same?
  • Can you provide persecuted Christians with anything on their list?

Persecuted Christians Are Thankful For:

The prayers of other Christians
“I knew there were people praying for me. It gave me the spiritual strength I needed to live as a Christian and to trust God.” — A pastor in prison in Asia
Friends who encourage them
“I am thankful that I have many friends here who help me when I’m discouraged.” — A boy who lost his parents in an attack by radical Muslims
Hope in Jesus
“I see people dying, crying, how Jesus gives them hope. This gives me courage. I am convinced there is no better job in the world than to serve God this way.” — Persecuted pastor in Nepal
Encouraging letters
“We have a family of faith that loves us and cares for us. We are not alone! — Maryam Rostampour talking about her feelings when she received letters while in prison in Iran. (Visit Prisoner Alert to learn how to write letters to persecuted Christians in prison.)
God’s Peace
“I started to pray, and I got the peace that is beyond understanding. I felt so close to God at that moment.” — Christian who was arrested in the Middle East
“I have longed for this Bible, and now I am thankful.” — Christian in Uganda who received a Bible from The Voice of the Martyrs. VOM provides Bibles through the Bibles to Captive Nations project.
The conversion of persecutors
“Muslims want to hear the truth. They are just waiting on you and me to share the gospel with them.” — A Christian in Syria
God’s Power
“God is in control, not [the persecutors].” — A Christian in India
Joy in Christ
“I have Christ’s joy in my heart.” — A Chinese Christian prisoner answering another prisoner who said, “I have been watching you; your face is never sad.”
God’s gift of salvation through His Son Jesus
“They can burn down my house, but they can’t burn Jesus from my heart.” — A Christian in Pakistan