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Internet Connections


For many years, most Malaysians have believed “to be Malay is to be Muslim.” The government has encouraged all Malays to think the same way. But today, little by little, it is becoming more acceptable to be “different” in habits and customs.

The Internet is one reason for the change. Malaysians make connections with new people and different ideas on their computers. (Do you think any Malaysians might be reading this site? Visit our map to see!) Pray that Malaysians will connect with people who share the truth of Jesus.

Source: Malay World Prayer Fellowship

Valentine’s Day Parties Discouraged

Some strict Muslims in Malaysia would like Muslim youth to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day. They believe the celebrations are against Muslim teachings and lead people to sin. Others in Malaysia think that nothing is wrong with the celebrations. Every year as Valentine’s Day approaches, people on both sides of the issue present their ideas in newspapers and other media.

Strict Muslims in several other countries also try to discourage people from observing the day. Last year, Valentine’s Day was banned in Iran. The government made it illegal to print or produce Valentine’s Day cards and gifts with pictures of hearts on them.


Quran Memorizers

RinggitMalaysia’s monetary unit is the ringgit

Muslims all over the world honor people who memorize and recite the Quran, the Muslim holy book. Malaysia’s prime minister awarded 2,000 ringgits (about $620 in U.S. money) per month to all past winners of Malaysia’s yearly international Quran reciting competition. The winners will receive the monthly payment for the rest of their lives.

Preschool Problems

StudentsChristian students

Hundreds of new preschools and kindergartens have opened in a Christian region of Malaysia. Parents want their children to get a good education. But Christian parents are concerned that their children will be taught Muslim customs at the new schools.

Teachers at the schools come from other areas of Malaysia where most of the people are Muslims. Children in the schools have been coming home and reciting Muslim prayers. Parents hope the government will hire Christian teachers for the schools. They do not want their children confused by Muslim teachings.

Pray that all children in Malaysia will learn that Jesus loves them. Pray that the children will know and understand the truth.

Family Fears Separation

MalaysiaGroups in Malaysia

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