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Eager to Learn About Jesus

LaosA Christian Student in Laos

Many villagers in Laos are eager to learn more about God and Jesus. The Voice of the Martyrs recently received a report from Christians who went to a village to teach Bible lessons to men, women, and children at a house church in Laos.

The people were very poor. “At the room where the team taught the children, there were more than 100 children an only three or four pairs of sandals were left outside the room,” said one of the teachers. (Villagers in Laos leave their shoes at the door when they enter a house.) The rest of the children had no shoes.

“Each of the children really paid attention to the things the team taught them,” said a teacher. “They were hungry for God’s Word, and asked the teachers not to stop teaching them. The teachers continued until 1 a.m. and did not even have time to take a shower! Then the teachers had to get some rest. The children came again at 5 a.m. with their books and pens waiting for the teachers to get up and teach them again.”

“Thank God that he loves the children and gives them strength to live even though they have few clothes to wear and no sandals for their feet!” said a teacher.

To Discuss: Village Christians in Laos are often persecuted for their faith in Christ. Do you think the persecution might make their faith more precious to them and make them eager to learn more about it?

No School for Christian Kids

LaosChildren in Laos

The Voice of the Martyrs received a report from contacts in Laos.
The report said:

“Now there is a new way of persecuting Christians in Laos. They do not allow Christian children to go to the public school in one village.

“Last year, three families accepted Jesus. When they took their children to school, the teachers said, ‘No, your children cannot be students at this school anymore. The head of the village, the village police, and the communist party members of the village told us not to allow your children back in school.’

“Altogether, the families have three 11-year-old girls, a 12-year-old boy, a 7-year-old boy, and a 7-year-old girl. The children have moved to live with Christians in a city so they can attend school.

“Please pray for the children’s understanding of the situation. Pray that their hearts do not break because they are away from their parents, and that they will do well in school.”

Wanna and Yohan Are Free!


Wanna and Yohan are Christians in Laos who were arrested in 2011 for organizing a Christmas celebration. Police ambushed nine other Christians and took them away at gunpoint along with Wanna and Yohan. The other nine were later released, but the two men were kept in prison until January 8th of this year.

Thank God for Wanna and Yohan’s release. Pray for their safety, as there is no guarantee that they will not be arrested again soon.

Go to the Laos country facts page to find out more about Christians in Laos.

Bold Orphans


VOM recently received a report about an orphan in Laos who became a Christian after attending a church service. The child shared the gospel with others at the orphanage, and 10 more orphans trusted in Christ and began attending church!

The director of the orphanage sternly warned the children to stop attending church. Seven of the orphans agreed to quit going to church, but did not deny Jesus. The remaining four orphans still attend church. If they continue in their boldness, they could become homeless. Please pray for all the orphans.

Struggling and Rejoicing


The Voice of the Martyrs recently received a report about eight Christian families who live at a village in Laos. They raise chickens, pigs, fish, ducks, and water buffalo in the village. Their farms are a 3- to 4-hour walk from the village. So they stay at their farms, except on Thursdays and Sundays when they return home to worship God together at the village.

Most of the other people in the village are not Christians and they hate the Christians. When the Christian families are away working on their farm, villagers steal, kill, and eat their animals!

Some of the Christians would like to leave the village and live somewhere else, but they have nowhere to go. Even with all their struggles, they are strong in their faith and rejoice in the Lord. Please pray for them, and for their persecutors to notice their joy in the Lord and to seek Jesus.