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Kyrgyzstan: Bible Survives Firebombing

Kyrgyzstani yurt

“Most Christians [in Kyrgyzstan] are unable to lead ordinary lives. They can be arrested for reading the Bible in a public place like a bus or train, or for telling other people about Jesus. Often the homes of local believers can be searched and their belongings confiscated by the police. Everyday Christian activities, such as praying together or doing a Bible study, can be deemed ‘illegal.’” — Release International

Earlier this year, radical Muslims firebombed a church in Kyrgyzstan. The fire damaged much of the church. It destroyed the pews and burned the altar and the cloth on top of the altar.

But the fire stopped when it reached the open Bible on top of the altar.

The Christians were encouraged when their Bible was amazingly spared from the flames. They continue to stand firm in their faith, and they plan to keep meeting at the same location after their church is repaired.

(Source: Release International)

To Do
Find Kyrgyzstan on a map or globe. Pray for protection for the Christians there.

Kids of Courage in Russia

KOC in Russia
Дети отваги
(Children of Courage)

The U.S.S.R. (often called “the Soviet Union”) was the largest communist country in the world. In the early 1990s, it broke up into many smaller countries.

People in the smaller countries have their own languages. But many still speak Russian, the language of the Soviet Union.

Russian-speaking Christians have started a children’s website using Kids of Courage stories.

Go to the Map of Visitors page on this site to see if anyone in the former Soviet Union has recently visited Kids of Courage. The countries formed when the U.S.S.R. broke up are: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

You can find out what life is like for Christians in some of those countries in the Countries section of this site.

U.S. State Department’s Religious Freedom Report


This week the U.S. Department of State released their 2011 International Religious Freedom Report. The report covers 199 countries and territories. Go to the report here and use the “Go to a Country Report” drop-down box to begin searching reports from specific countries. The reports tell what religions people in the country follow, what the laws of the country say about religious freedom, and whether or not there are abuses of religious freedom in that country.

See the “Countries” section on this site or the “Restricted Nations” section at for further information about selected countries.

Christian Woman Helps Her Husband During Attack


The Voice of the Martyrs has received a report about radical Muslims attacking a group of five Christians in Kyrgyzstan earlier this year. The Christians were distributing gifts to children in a village. The gifts were provided by Samaritan’s Purse, a ministry in the United States.

A mullah and about 20 men grabbed two of the Christians and hit them. (A mullah is a Muslim leader.) Some of the Muslims threw rocks.

Narsbek, one of the Christians, was hit in the back of the head and pinned to the ground. Some of the Muslim gang held Narsbek’s arms, and one began choking him.

Narsbek was ready to go to heaven and meet Jesus. But suddenly the attacker’s hands loosened. Narsbek’s wife, Gulnaz, had pushed her way through the gang and grabbed the attacker’s hands. The Muslims were surprised as she struggled to save the life of her husband.

The Christians got in their car and drove away, and the Muslims threw rocks at their vehicles. Some of the gang burned the gifts for the children.

Narsbek is still recovering from his injuries. Praise God for giving Gulnaz the strength and boldness to help her husband.

Note: Kyrgyzstan is a country slightly smaller than South Dakota. It is located west of China and not far from Afghanistan. Most of the people in Kyrgyzstan are Muslims, but many are not serious about their faith. However, most do not want their friends and family members to leave Islam and become Christians. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) They consider Islam a part of their culture. Pray for Christians in Kyrgyzstan.

Happy Believer in Kyrgyzstan


The Voice of the Martyrs recently heard the following story from a contact in Kyrgyzstan.

John was a 15-year-old boy in Kyrgyzstan, where most people are Muslims and it can be difficult to learn about Jesus. John was sad because he did not have any hope for his future. The only thing he was really looking forward to was getting a passport on his 16th birthday so he would be considered an adult.

Just before his birthday, John had to be admitted to a hospital. He shared a room with two people, one of them a Christian. John and the other non-Christian tried to irritate the Christian. But after 4 days, even that grew boring. The Christian had a children’s Bible with him, and John read it from cover to cover. The Christian shared his faith gently with John.

After John was discharged from the hospital, he saw an advertisement for a music concert. He had never heard live music before, and he decided to go to the concert. The concert was in a church and the music group played worship songs. John sat on the back row between two ladies, and as he listened to the beautiful music, he began to cry. “I was so ashamed,” he said. What would the women next to me think of me?

When the concert was over he got up to leave. But before he could sneak out in embarrassment, one of the women hugged him and said, “God loves you very much.” Then she left. Later John told his friends about what had happened. “You can’t go there!” they said. “Those people worship a foreign God!”

But John was drawn back to the church week after week, and he is now a happy believer.