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Christian Father in Danger

Makset and his family in 2010

Makset Djabbarbergenov and his wife are the parents of four sons, and they are expecting a baby. About five years ago, they left their home country, Uzbekistan, and moved to Kazakhstan. Makset was in danger of being arrested in Uzbekistan for teaching people about Jesus and for passing out Christian literature.

Now Makset has been detained by police in Kazakhstan. Officials are trying to decide whether or not to send him back to Uzbekistan. He faces years in prison if he is sent back.

Please pray for Makset and his family.

(Source: VOM Canada)

Praise the Lord Around the World

Use the chart below to learn how to say “Praise the Lord” in 10 other languages. Sing the song “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah” or another song with the words “praise (ye) the Lord” in it. Substitute one or more of the phrases for the English words.

How To Say It
Iran Farsi KHOH-dah-rah SHOH-kr
Pakistan Punjabi RAHB-dee tah-REEF HO-vay
China Chinese tzahn-may joo
Colombia Spanish GLOH-ree-uh ah dee-ohs
Russia, Kazakhstan Russian SLAH-vuh BOH-goo
Many Muslim Countries Arabic MAHG-duh lah rahp
Eritrea Tigrinya gway-tah yeh mess ghen
Malaysia, Brunei Malay Poo-jee TOO-hahn
Nepal Nepali jay muh-SEE
Bangladesh Bangla ee-shohr-air goor-ohb hohk