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Two Million Scriptures

Chinese boy with a Bible

People who support The Voice of the Martyrs’ projects make it possible for VOM to deliver Bibles and New Testaments into countries where Scriptures are not easy to get. During two recent years, VOM distributed a total of more than 2 million Bibles!

How much is 2 million? A gardening website says that the average square foot of lawn has 3,000 blades of grass in it. So 667 square feet would, on average, contain about 2,001,000 blades of grass, just a little over 2 million. Measure off a 22-foot by 30-foot grassy area to form a 660-square foot space.

Pick up a blade of grass from the space to represent one person who has received a Bible or New Testament. Look at all the other blades left in the measured-off area. They represent people who now also have Scriptures they can read for themselves. Many also share their Bibles with others.


A Prayer from Iran

Many people in Iran are seeking the truth about Jesus. Some hear the gospel on satellite TV programs broadcast from countries outside of Iran. Watch the video to learn about a family who came to Christ after listening to one of the programs.

Note: The Voice of the Martyrs supports satellite TV programs viewed in Iran.

To find more stories about Christian satellite broadcasts, enter “satellite” in the search box on this page.

Internet Control


The government of Iran does not allow the people to have basic rights and freedoms. Children born into Muslim families are expected to stay Muslims their entire lives. But many Muslims are coming to Christ anyway.

Officials restrict other freedoms, too. News reports in recent weeks have said that the government appears to be blocking citizens’ computers from getting the Internet and email at times. Do you think anyone from Iran or countries near Iran visit this website? Check our map to see. Use a computer mouse to hover over a pin on the map to reveal the location of a visitor.

Adopted Child Taken


A Christian couple in Iran waited years to be able to legally adopt a child. No doubt they were very thankful when the adoption was final.

But Iran’s government does not want Christianity to spread in their Muslim nation. They put Christians in prison for crimes the Christians did not really commit.

Officials wanted the Christian parents to file complaints against Christians who were in prison. The couple would not do what the officials wanted them to do.

So security officers took the couple’s adopted child away from them and said, “If you want your child back, you must file a complaint against your fellow Christian in prison.”

Valentine’s Day Parties Discouraged

Some strict Muslims in Malaysia would like Muslim youth to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day. They believe the celebrations are against Muslim teachings and lead people to sin. Others in Malaysia think that nothing is wrong with the celebrations. Every year as Valentine’s Day approaches, people on both sides of the issue present their ideas in newspapers and other media.

Strict Muslims in several other countries also try to discourage people from observing the day. Last year, Valentine’s Day was banned in Iran. The government made it illegal to print or produce Valentine’s Day cards and gifts with pictures of hearts on them.