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A Bold Indonesian Preacher

Muslims remove their shoes before entering a mosque

A Christian preacher in Indonesia shares the truth about Jesus in some unusual places, including mosques! (Mosques are buildings where Muslims worship.) When he begins to teach others about Jesus in the mosques, people assume he is a Muslim. He has even been arrested because police thought he was a Muslim who caused trouble by talking about Jesus too much.

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Yubelina and Febiola
Yubelina and Febiola

Several years ago, Muslims attacked Christians at a village in Indonesia. Yubelina, a mother of three children, fell as she ran to escape the attackers. Some of the kerosene from the lamp she carried spilled on her face and body, and Yubelina was badly burned. The Voice of the Martyrs has helped her get the operations and medical help she needed.

Febiola is Yubelina’s daughter. In an interview with a VOM contact, she talked about her life and her mother.

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Indonesia: Dewi

Indonesian children in school

Dewi is an Indonesian girl who was born into a Muslim family. In junior high, she began to attend an Islamic school and stayed in the school’s dormitory. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.)

Early one school year, Dewi had some problems getting along with the girls in her dorm. She went home to her parents’ house, hoping to get some peace and quiet. But her parents argued and quarreled all the time, so Dewi had no peace at school or at home.

One day, Dewi’s parents started a big argument. She went to her bedroom and put on headphones to listen to the radio through her cell phone. She wanted to drown out her parents’ voices. The radio got stuck on one channel. Dewi tried to change it, but it would not change. The channel was a Christian channel!

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Indonesia: Mean Dad Becomes Wise and Gentle


Aldi is a 9-year-old boy in Indonesia. He lives with his mother and father, Dedi and Mimin, and his older brother and sister.

Aldi and his family used to be Muslims, but they weren’t always happy. Dedi was known for being rough, tough, and rude. He and Mimin argued often.

Then Dedi learned how Christ can save people from sin. He and his family decided to follow Jesus!

In some ways, their lives became easier. Other believers taught Dedi and Mimin about Christian family life, and they stopped arguing all the time. “My Muslim faith did not guarantee that we will have peace, but in Jesus, it is different,” Dedi said.

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Ten Bold Believers Stories from 2009

Top Ten

The following stories are about kids and families who bravely continue to serve God in the face of difficulties and danger. Please pray for them and for others around the world who face similar struggles.

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