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International Day of the Bible

The Bible tells about King Josiah, who re-discovered the words of God. He read the words to all the people of the land to turn their hearts back to God. (See 2 Kings 22-23.)

International Bible Week is celebrated during the week of Thanksgiving in the United States. This year, the International Day of the Bible will be observed on November 24. People will read passages of the Bible aloud in public.

Ask a mature Christian to help you discover a story or passage in the Bible that is new to you. Read the passage aloud.

As you learn more about the Bible, remember Christians in the following countries who could be persecuted if they read the Bible aloud in public. (The list is not a complete list.)

  • North Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Somalia
  • Eritrea
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Uzbekistan
  • Qatar

Persecuted Country Lesson Plans


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“Not Even Children Were Spared”

Bold Believers in Eritrea

Officials in Eritrea continue to arrest Christians for practicing their faith. A few months ago, police arrested more than 180 Christians as they gathered to pray for the situation in their country. About 80 of the Christians were women and children.

The women and children were required to sign a statement saying they would no longer meet together for prayer. Then they were released. Men in the group and those who did not sign the agreement were kept in jail.

A Christian in Eritrea said, “The fact that not even children were spared is an indication of the severity of the persecution of the church in Eritrea.”

Enter “Eritrea” in the search box for more information about Christians in Eritrea, or download Bold Believers in Eritrea from the Downloads section.

Students Punished for Following Jesus

Some prisoners are kept in containers like these

What country in the world needs the most prayer?

Although it is important to pray for all countries where Christians are persecuted, one worker from The Voice of the Martyrs encourages Christians to especially remember Eritrea.

Men, women, youth, and children in Eritrea have all been arrested for their Christian faith and activities. Recently, VOM learned that 28 Eritrean boys and 11 girls were arrested for “Christian beliefs and for their commitment to Christ.”

The students, all in high school, were not allowed to be part of a graduation ceremony. Reports say that officials told the students that they will not be able to go to college or get out of jail unless they deny Christ.

While they are in jail, the students do not get enough food and water. They are forced to do hard work, and they are treated harshly.

How many Christians can you inform about Eritrean Christians so that they can pray for them?

Homework and Academic Fair Ideas

Bold Believers in Nigeria

Are you looking for a topic for a school report or academic fair project? The free Bold Believers activity books in the Downloads section of this site provide information about many unique subjects. Read the list below to find examples of some of the topics featured in the books.

(Find additional homework help ideas in our posts Homework Help and Write a Report: Be a Voice.)

Bold Believers in Nigeria
Nigerian languages
Shariah law
Bold Believers in Pakistan
9/11, the Taliban, al-Qaida
Blasphemy laws
Bonded laborers
Pakistani culture
Bold Believers Among the Khmu of Southeast Asia
Who are the Khmu?
Buddhist beliefs
Bold Believers in North Korea
Robert Thomas, missionary
Learning About Islam
Muslim beliefs and practices
Comparing Islam and Christianity
The Quran
Women in Islam
Bold Believers in Burma
Bold Believers in Colombia
Comparing Marxism and Christianity
Bold Believers in Turkey
Smyrna, a Turkish city
Bold Believers in Gaza and the West Bank
Bold Believers in Eritrea
Eritrean Christians
Bold Believers in Egypt
Making papyrus
Comparing Christianity and the ancient religion of the Pharaohs
Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs
Who are the Uygurs?
Bold Believers in China
Big things in China
Christians in China
Bold missionaries who went to China
Bold Believers in Iraq
Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims
Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia
Christians in North Africa (also see Bold Believers in Morocco and Egypt)
Berbers and Berber cave homes (also see Bold Believers in Morocco)
Bold Believers in Indonesia
Religions of Indonesia
Islands of Indonesia
Bold Believers in India
The states of India
Bold Believers of the Hmong People
The Hmong people
Bold Believers in Vietnam
The religions of Vietnam
Children of Christian prisoners
Bold Believers in Nepal
The religions of Nepal
Bold Believers in Chiapas (Mexico)
Christians in Chiapas
Bold Believers in Ethiopia
Ethiopian culture
Bold Believers in Uzbekistan
Uzbek culture