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Leila: An Egyptian Kid of Courage


Into the Den of Infidels is a book that tells the stories of Muslims in Egypt who continued to seek the truth even in the face of great obstacles. The following true story is taken from the book. It has been edited.

Leila was the oldest of four sisters in an Egyptian family. (The photo shows a girl in Egypt washing her clothes.) Her father was a strict Muslim who went to the mosque to pray five times every day. Her mother was a Muslim, too, but was not as strict in following Muslim practices.

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Egypt: The Christian and the Imams


One day, an Egyptian Christian visited two imams from a large mosque. An imam is a Muslim religious leader, and a mosque is a Muslim place of worship. (The photo to the left shows the inside of a mosque.)

The Christian told the imams, “I have some questions about Islam and would like to know more.” (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) The imams were delighted. Maybe they mistakenly thought the Christian wanted to become a Muslim.

Egyptian Muslims who become Christians are often persecuted by their families and the authorities, and are often treated unfairly. But Christians who convert to Islam are welcomed by Muslims. Some Christians in Egypt are tempted to become Muslims so they will have more privileges and fairer treatment from Muslim neighbors and officials.

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In area, Egypt is larger than Texas and smaller than Alaska.

Main Languages
Arabic, English, French

At 6 a.m. U.S. Central Standard Time, it is 2 p.m. in Egypt.

Interesting Fact
Falafel is a food made of mashed chickpeas or beans shaped into patties. McDonald’s restaurants in Egypt serve falafel in a sandwich. They call it the McFalafel. 

Egypt had a strong civilization even in the time of the Old Testament. After Christ, it became a mostly Christian country. Arabs arrived in the seventh century, bringing the Arabic language and the Muslim religion with them.

Today more than 85 percent of the people in Egypt are Muslim.

Christianity is allowed, but Christians do not always have an easy time practicing their faith. They are often treated unfairly by teachers, police officers, and bosses. Muslims sometimes object to having churches built in their communities.

By law, Christian men may not marry Muslim women. Sometimes Christian  men, women, and children are kidnapped by radical Muslims. Muslims who leave Islam to follow Christ suffer serious persecution.