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Ten Bold Believers Stories from 2009

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The following stories are about kids and families who bravely continue to serve God in the face of difficulties and danger. Please pray for them and for others around the world who face similar struggles.

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Praise the Lord Around the World

Use the chart below to learn how to say “Praise the Lord” in 10 other languages. Sing the song “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah” or another song with the words “praise (ye) the Lord” in it. Substitute one or more of the phrases for the English words.

How To Say It
Iran Farsi KHOH-dah-rah SHOH-kr
Pakistan Punjabi RAHB-dee tah-REEF HO-vay
China Chinese tzahn-may joo
Colombia Spanish GLOH-ree-uh ah dee-ohs
Russia, Kazakhstan Russian SLAH-vuh BOH-goo
Many Muslim Countries Arabic MAHG-duh lah rahp
Eritrea Tigrinya gway-tah yeh mess ghen
Malaysia, Brunei Malay Poo-jee TOO-hahn
Nepal Nepali jay muh-SEE
Bangladesh Bangla ee-shohr-air goor-ohb hohk

Chinese Picture Scroll


The people of China have enjoyed the beauty of artistic scrolls for hundreds of years. To make a scroll, overlap the ends of two pieces of colored 8½- by 11-inch printer paper. Glue them together to make one long sheet that measures 8½ by 21 inches.

Cut a white piece of paper so that it measures 6 inches wide and 11 to 12 inches long. Write Chinese characters or draw a picture on the white paper that reminds you of China. Glue the drawing to the center of the colored sheet. Glue one 9-inch chopstick along the top edge of the scroll and one along the bottom edge. Hang up the scroll with ribbon tied to the top chopstick.

The Torchlighters: The Gladys Aylward Story

This DVD focuses on the life of Gladys Aylward. The Torchlighters is an animated series telling the stories of great heroes of the faith.

With war raging about her and soldiers closing in, the wounded missionary Gladys Aylward sets out on the most difficult journey of her life – a 100-mile trek over the mountains to a safe haven. But it’s not her own safety that concerns this little woman with big faith. It’s the safety and well being of the 100 orphaned children in her care. Watch as Gladys’ strength and faith are stretched to the limit, all for the sake of the children.

To learn more about The Torchlighters program, and the various episodes of The Torchlighters that are available for purchase, visit

China: Witnessing Secretly in School


Leah is a Christian woman in China. “The most important calling we have from God is to preach the gospel in places where people have not heard it,” said Leah.

Leah knows how difficult it can be to follow that calling. She went to jail for three years because she taught others about Jesus. Now the police watch her every day. She and her family have moved three times in the last three years to avoid the police.

God began preparing Leah to face difficulties as a Christian in China when she was a girl. She told her story to a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs.

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