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Pray with Kids in the United Kingdom

Release International, located in the United Kingdom, is a member of The Voice of the Martyrs’ family of missions. (Read more about VOM’s family of missions around the world here.) Release International encourages kids to pray for Christians in countries where followers of Christ are persecuted. Read some of their recent prayer suggestions below, and choose one to pray for today.

Algerian children

Prayer request: Some children in Algeria can no longer see their dad. After he became a Christian, their mom’s family made her leave him and take the children with her.
Prayer: Dear Father God, please be very close to the children in Algeria who cannot see their dad anymore. Please bless their hearts as they miss their dad very much and he misses them. Help their dad trust You. Give him Your hope, strength and great love. Please help the children and their mom believe in Jesus and see their Dad again. Help their mom’s family believe in Jesus too. Thank you. Amen.

Iranian parents and child

Prayer request: A child’s parents were taken from their home by the police because the parents love and follow Jesus. The dad’s name is Amir Taleipour and the mom is Mahnaz Harati.
Prayer: Dear Jesus, please help this child not be scared but to trust You and know Your love more than ever before. Set the mom and dad free from prison so they can all be together again. Help the mom and dad trust You to look after their child, as they must be so worried. Keep them all safe. Fill their hearts with Your love. Help the police believe in You too. Amen.

Girl in Uzbekistan

Prayer request: Pray for youth in Uzbekistan who are forced by police to sign papers that tell lies about their pastor. The police also tried to force a woman named Lolakhon Umarova to say bad things about her pastor. She said “No,” so the police made her family throw her and her son out of their home.
Prayer: Dear God, please help the boy and his mother to find somewhere safe and nice to live. Please fill the Christian youth in Uzbekistan with Your power, love and truth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Find more about Christians in Iran, Uzbekistan, and Algeria in Bold Believers books, available in the Downloads section.


Algeria: Chaima and Ali

Chaima and Ali now serve the Lord together.

Chaima had never met a Christian. Most of the people where she lived in Algeria followed Islam, the religion of Muslims. So how did Chaima decide to follow Jesus if she didn’t know any Christians and had never been to church? She listened to Christian radio stations and wrote down the Bible verses she heard on the program.

One day, Chaima met a young man at a bus stop. The young man, Ali, was attracted to her. “May I talk to you?” Ali asked her. Chaima knew it could be dangerous to be a Christian in her country. But she answered Ali, “No. Don’t talk to me. I am a Christian.”

Still hoping to find favor with her, Ali said to Chaima, “My brother is a Christian.”

“Really?” Chaima asked.

But there were many things he DIDN’T tell Chaima. For one thing, Ali was a strict Muslim and he had been trained to fight alongside radical Islamists. He had forbidden his own mother and sisters to watch TV because he wanted them to be stricter Muslims. As for his Christian brother, Ali thought he deserved to be dead because he had left Islam to follow Christ.

The Bible and a Dream
But Chaima didn’t know any of that. She asked Ali if he could please get a Bible from his brother for her. Ali was eager to please Chaima, so he did get a Bible for her. But before he gave it to her, he read it to see what it said. He began to compare its teachings with the words of the Quran, the Muslim holy book. (Read about the differences between the Bible and the Quran here, here, and here.

Then one night he had a dream that Jesus spoke to him and said, “Come to me all who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” (See Matthew 11:28.) Ali woke up. He felt as if a load had been lifted from his shoulders. “Lord, forgive me,” he prayed. “You are Christ, You are God, and I believe.”

Chaima and Ali Today
Chaima and Ali are now married. They work as a team among Muslims, and they have led many people to Christ. They meet with other Christians secretly in homes, cafes, and parks, because police officers are watching them.

Ali is not worried. “When I die, I know where I am going,” he told a worker from The Voice of the Martyrs. Ali and Chaima teach new believers to expect persecution. But they encourage them to trust that Jesus will always be with them.

(Source: The March 2019 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

This Month

Parents and Teachers
The March 2019 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine features stories about Christians from the North African countries of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco. The issue includes an article about Cyprian, a North African Christian who was martyred by the Romans in the year 258. Today, both radical Muslim groups and government authorities across North Africa still persecute Christians. You can share the stories of North African Christians on this site with your children, then pray together for the people in the stories.

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Children in Algeria

Madeha was a 13-year-old girl in Algeria. Her older brother, Naser, was a bully. He often kicked Madeha, slapped her face, and spoke rudely to her for no reason. Madeha had never known anyone so mean.

One day, Naser seemed to be playing a new trick on his sister. He came to Madeha and said, “I have accepted Jesus, whom the Christians believe. He has changed my heart and my ways. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you. Will you forgive me?”

Madeha did not trust Naser. For one thing, she and her family were Muslims. It is rare, and often dangerous, for an Algerian Muslim to become a Christian. Also, Madeha didn’t believe that anyone as mean as her brother could really change.

After many days, Naser had still not hurt or insulted Madeha. She realized that her brother had really changed. Madeha then began to seek the God who had given her brother a new heart. Naser shared the Good News of Jesus with Madeha, and she trusted Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Trusting God
Madeha knew her Muslim father would never allow her to meet with other Algerian Christians. So she listened to Christian radio programs and sometimes wrote letters to the stations that broadcast the programs. She was able to get a Bible, and she read it whenever she had the opportunity. She continued to follow Jesus, trusting that He knew her circumstances and would help her through them.

Pray for Madeha and other Algerian Christians who love Jesus. Pray that their families will also seek and find the truth.

(Source: Kids of Courage archives. Learn more about Christians in northern Africa in Bold Believers in Algeria and Tunisia, available in the free Downloads section of this site.)

The Middle East: Unusual Dreams

Algerian children

A worker from Youth With a Mission recently spoke with Todd Nettleton of She told Todd about unusual dreams experienced by Middle Eastern Muslims. Read part of their conversation below. (Edited and paraphrased from the original interview for clarity, length, and age appropriateness.)

YWAM worker: It has been really interesting, because it is like God knows that for these difficult places we need a little extra help. When we are going in to an unreached people, it is not uncommon at all to see miracles and healings and things that are incomprehensible. It is like the Holy Spirit just intervenes and God helps us.

One of these things that I have mentioned is dreams. All over the world among Muslim people there is something happening where they are having unusual dreams from God. I totally believe they are from God.

This happened in a notable way among a people group in Algeria where on the same night, in the same village, a whole group of men had the same dream about Jesus Christ saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Me.” [John 3:16] It actually started one of the few movements [of Muslims to Christianity] that we know of in that part of the world. This is happening so commonly that if I am talking with a Muslim on a plane or something, or I meet with a Muslim person, I will often just ask, “Have you had any unusual dreams lately?” They might say, “You know, I haven’t told anybody this, but….” It is happening just that often.