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Gospel Train Ride

Islam, the religion of Muslims, is very strong in North Africa. Sometimes Christians are scared to talk to Muslims about Jesus, because it could be dangerous. So, one Christian teacher has an interesting way to teach his Christian students how to witness for Jesus.

The teacher takes the students to a city seven hours away by train. The students sit in the back of the train car to watch and learn. Then the teacher plays his guitar and sings Christian music. When Muslim passengers start to complain, he tells them why he is singing and what God has done for him in his life. The passengers become interested and ask him questions. By the time the train ride ends, the teacher has witnessed to many Muslims and the student has a desire to share the gospel, too!

Preschool Teacher Finds Jesus in Kenya


Missionaries at School
Abdi was a preschool teacher at a school in Kenya. He was a Muslim, and he taught the children about Islam, the religion of Muslims.

A few years ago, some Christian missionaries came to the school and began teaching the children about Jesus. The children told their parents, and the parents told the community leaders.

The leaders sent Abdi and other young men to confront the missionaries. Abdi and his friends were confused when the Christians answered them humbly and politely. They did not get angry or fight.

Attacked and Reunited
The men decided to attack the missionaries anyway. They knew that other Christians would soon visit the missionaries. During the visit, the Muslims would attack all the Christians at once.

In the meantime, they followed the Christians and watched them. Abdi attended some of their worship services. Then a surprising thing happened. Abdi liked what he heard, and he became a Christian! The other Muslims started spying on him, too.

Abdi learned from a friend that the Muslims planned to burn down his house. He moved his wife and children to his wife’s father’s house, and he went into hiding at a different village. After two months he came to get his family.

But his wife’s family did not want to let them go with Abdi. They believed that Abdi had forced his wife to become a Christian. But Abdi‘s wife had decided to follow Jesus on her own. So her family allowed her and the children to leave with Abdi.

Pray for Abdi, his wife, and their five children as they continue to deal with persecution in their country.