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The Wurmbrands: Potato Stories

*August 19 is National Potato Day *Richard Wurmbrand was the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs. Before he started VOM, he was imprisoned in Communist Romania because of his Christian activities. His wife, Sabina, was also imprisoned for a time. The stories below come from The Tochlighters Ultimate Activity Book. Find more information here. […]

Richard Wurmbrand

By Elise, Kids of Courage Student Reviewer Richard Wurmbrand, a pastor in Romania during the 1940’s, founded The Voice of the Martyrs. However, before the organization began in 1967, Pastor Wurmbrand was in prison. Placed in solitary confinement by the Communist government for three years, he preached to himself more than 300 sermons in rhyming […]

Freedom: Richard Wurmbrand

On July 4th, the United States celebrates freedom and independence. Many people think freedom means not being under the control of other people or another country.

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was in prison in communist Romania for 14 years because of his Christian activities. Most people would not think of prison as a place of freedom. But Pastor Wurmbrand realized that true freedom comes from obeying God and following Christ. He did not feel more or less free in or out of prison.

Richard Wurmbrand Born 100 Years Ago

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was born on March 24, 1909. He served 14 years in prison for sharing the gospel in communist Romania. After he was freed, he and his wife, Sabina, started The Voice of the Martyrs to help persecuted Christians.  Pastor Wurmbrand died in 2001. Pastor Wurmbrand told many stories to illustrate Bible truths. […]

Richard Wurmbrand: Math and Truth

Pastor Wurmbrand Richard Wurmbrand was a pastor in Romania. He preached the truth from God’s Word, even when it was risky to do so. “Christians proclaim the truth,” he said. Two Schools “Imagine two schools,” Pastor Wurmbrand said. “One of the schools is run by a wise man, the other by an unwise man. In […]