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Bean Art Prayer Reminder

A recent volunteer at The Voice of the Martyrs headquarters shared a prayer reminder she made. To make the prayer reminder, follow her instructions in this post.

Learn About Sri Lanka

A Christian worker in Sri Lanka said, “A Christian child has a time of devotion at home, then goes to school. Buddhist and Hindu children worship statues depicting their gods, and they offer white flowers to the statues as an offering. In school the Buddhist child is encouraged to bring flowers and oil for a lamp placed before a Buddha statue. [Buddha was the founder of Buddhism]

Bold Believers in Afghanistan

Bold Christian believers are working to change things! Afghans are hearing the good news of Jesus while living in other countries as refugees, or from Christian radio programs broadcast from outside of Afghanistan. After giving their lives to Christ, the new Christians look for ways to share the truth with other Afghans.

Turkey Lesson Plan: Obeying God

Students will learn that there are Christians who continue to obey God even though they may be punished for doing so. Not only do they obey, but they also remain happy in Jesus when they are punished.

Snack and Share

Baklava is a treat enjoyed by children in many countries, including Iran. Try this recipe!