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Make a Bold Believers CD Photo Album

Use these instructions to make an album of prayer reminders for persecuted Christians.

Eritrea Holiday and Mural Bookmarks

If you have a map in your house that was made before the 1990s, Eritrea will not be on it. Eritrea became a separate country in the early 1990s. The people of Eritrea celebrate their Independence Day on May 24.

But independence does not mean religious freedom for many Eritrean Christians.

Eritrea Lesson Plan for a Group or Class

Find photos, and additional information, crafts, and activities in Bold Believers in Eritrea available in the Download section of this site. Search the site’s “Eritrea” tag for posts related to the country. Objectives The students will learn the meaning of witness and testimony. They will learn that Christians often witness boldly. Introduction Sing in Tigrinya […]

Remember the Persecuted

Needed 1/4–inch thick foam board Mod Podge (decoupage medium) Applicator Box cutter Hexagon pattern cut from card stock, approximately seven inches from top to bottom Photos from VOM publications, websites, or outdated prayer calendars Help from an adult What to Do 1. Trace the hexagon pattern onto foam board. 2. Ask an adult to cut […]

Kids Pack and Pray for Family Med Packs

Does your church include kids in remembering persecuted Christians? Georgia Kids Pray Cindy Clark, Christen Flowers, and their children’s ministry team in Georgia recently packed 25 Family Med Packs for Christians who have been driven from their homes by Islamic extremists. “On Sunday, we gathered all our children, ages 4-11, to the front of our […]