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This year, Thanksgiving is on November 28th. We thank God for all he has provided us. But what do persecuted Christians thank God for?

Singing Praises to God in Indonesia

A refugee is someone who flees from a place of danger to go to a safer place.

The video shows Christian refugees in Indonesia who left their homes after Muslims attacked their area several years ago. They are singing about their joy in the Lord.

In part of the video, you can see Yubelina and her daughters. You can read more about them here.


About 11 years ago, Muslims attacked Christians at a village in Indonesia. Yubelina, a mother of three children, fell as she ran to escape the attackers. Some of the kerosene from the lamp she carried spilled on her face and body, and Yubelina was badly burned. The Voice of the Martyrs has helped her get the operations and medical help she needed.

Febiola is Yubelina’s daughter. In an interview with a VOM contact, she talked about her life and her mother.