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Pakistan: New Struggles for Mehak

Churches in Pakistan often post guards outside their worship service to protect the worshipers. But the guards can’t always stop attacks. In 2013, guards were posted at All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan, when radical Muslims attacked the church. The attackers’ bombs injured many at the church, including 4-year-old Mehak. Mehak has been in the […]

Pakistan: Prisoner Mourning

A previous post told about Imran Ghafur, a Christian in prison in Pakistan. You can read the post here, and you can learn more about his case here. Sadly, Imran recently learned that his elderly mother had died on February 1. “My mother was my strength because she always prayed for me,” said Imran. “She […]

Javed: A Christian in Pakistan

(Source: VOM-Australia. Photo: A family in Pakistan) How did you celebrate Christmas last year? Did you go to church? Decorate your house? Eat special food? Exchange gifts with family members? That’s how Javed, a Christian in Pakistan, enjoyed the occasion. But he wasn’t always able to celebrate Christmas in special ways. Like many Christians in […]

Pakistan: Kid of Courage Stands “Alone”

Most of the people in Pakistan are Muslims. Muslims follow the teachings in a book called the Quran. The teachings in the Quran do not agree with the teachings in the Bible. However, the Quran speaks highly of the Injil (New Testament), which was written hundreds of years before the Quran.

So Muslims have a problem. The Quran says the Bible is good, but the Bible does not agree with the Quran. For example, the Bible says Jesus is the Son of God who offers salvation from sin to those who believe in Him and follow Him. The Quran says Jesus is not the Son of God and that people are saved by doing good deeds.

Muslims solve the problem by saying that the first Bibles were true. But they say the Bible has been changed and is now not true. They do not know, or do not understand, that early copies of the Bible have been found. The early books prove that there have been few changes in the Bible over the years. The message is the same in the early books and in the Bible today.

Pakistan: Escape from a Snake

Rebekha was angry. Her teacher expected her to sit by a new girl in her ninth grade class in Pakistan. The new girl was a Christian, and Rebekha hated Christians! She chose to sit on the floor rather than sit by Mary, the new girl. Rebekha then had to miss school because she was sick. […]