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North Korea: A Family Vanishes

Ten-year-old Hyun Joo was different. Very few North Korean children know about Jesus and God. But Hyun Joo believed in God and trusted Him.

Hyun Joo’s parents were Christians. Many North Korean Christians do not talk about God with their children. If the children mention God outside the home, government officials might punish the whole family. The government wants the citizens to honor the country’s leaders, not God.

But Hyun Joo’s parents wanted her to know Jesus. They prayed that God would use her to change North Korea.

North Korean Hymn

Christians in North Korea meet together in secret, even though it is very risky. They know they can go to prison just for owning a Bible. Thousands of Christians are in prison. But there are followers of Jesus in North Korea. Press the Play button below to hear a North Korean hymn. The words to […]

North Korea: A Smuggler Escapes

Park Chin-Mae took pride in his job as a border guard for the North Korea military. He arrested anyone he caught trying to sneak out of North Korea, or attempting to smuggle forbidden goods into the country. But Chin-Mae had a secret. He was guilty of the same crimes for which he arrested others! He […]

North Korea: Words of Life in Prison

Kyung-Ja and her family were often hungry. So Kyung-Ja left her home in North Korea several times and crossed the border into China to look for food. North Korea is a poor country, and many North Koreans take short trips to China to find food. But their trips are illegal. Twice when Kyung-Ja returned to […]

10 Facts About North Korean Christians and Prisons

1. As many as 100,000 secret Christians may live in North Korea. 2. About 30,000 North Korean Christians are kept in North Korea’s harshest prison labor camps because of their faith in Jesus. 3. If someone tries to leave North Korea, they can be sent to a prison labor camp as punishment. 4. North Korean […]