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Movies, Bunk Beds, and Pizza

Every day, there are people in North Korea making plans to escape from their country. The government controls the lives of the citizens, and often there is not enough to eat. Many North Koreans believe they will have better lives if they escape.

The Gospel in the Desert

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (See Matthew 28:19.)

But some nations have bad roads, or even no roads at all in some areas. The governments of some countries have laws against, “making disciples” for Christ. Other countries do not allow Christians to bring Bibles to their citizens.

So Christians float balloons carrying Scriptures into North Korea. Missionaries drop Bibles in small parachutes out of planes over Colombia.

More Balloon Messages

Scripture balloons are often sent through the air into North Korea to spread the message of the gospel to those hungry to learn more.

Balloon Messages

In North Korea, citizens can go to jail for many years just for owning a Bible. Christians outside of North Korea attach bags of Christian tracts to special balloons and launch the balloons into North Korea. The tracts tell North Koreans about God and Jesus.

Sun-Hee and Su-Ah

Sun-Hee and Su-Ah are Mr. Choi’s daughters. Mr. Choi is a South Korean Christian who helps North Koreans who have fled from the bad conditions in their homeland. He and his family used to live in China.

Chinese officials put him in prison because he helped North Koreans who had escaped to China. (Read more about his time in prison in the story “North Korea and China: In Prison for Doing Good.”) Sun-Hee and Su-Ah tell more about their lives below.