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North Korea: First Words

What were the first words you learned as a baby? “Mama” or “Dada” are the first words of many babies. “But that’s not really good in North Korea,” said Dr. Eric Foley, the president of VOM-Korea. The government of North Korea expects people to follow the teachings of Juche (JOO-chay). Juche teaches that human beings […]

North Korea: Crossing the Border Game

Background Some North Koreans try to escape their country by crossing a frozen river in the winter. Guards watch the river to try to stop anyone from escaping. Guards in some countries also try to keep people from sneaking into their country, especially if they are carrying Bibles. The governments of some countries do not […]

Escaping North Korea

The previous post told about a North Korean man who escaped his country and now lives in South Korea. But traveling from North Korea to South Korea is risky, with many obstacles along the way. The border between North Korea and South Korea is heavily guarded, so most people who escape take other routes. (Photo: […]

Seven Facts About North Korea

Recently, Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio interviewed Dr. Eric Foley from VOM Korea.  Dr. Foley talked about launching Bibles inside balloons into North Korea, where Christianity is illegal. Read below some interesting facts about North Korea from the interview. *To the North Korean government, it’s worse to be a Christian than to be a thief […]

How Do North Koreans Pray?

In North Korea, it is against the law to choose to follow Jesus or to own a Bible. A listener on asked the following questions. In a country like North Korea, how do Christians pray? How do they gather together? What is a worship service like in North Korea? Todd Nettleton, host of VOM […]