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North Korea: Words of Life in Prison

Kyung-Ja and her family were often hungry. So Kyung-Ja left her home in North Korea several times and crossed the border into China to look for food. North Korea is a poor country, and many North Koreans take short trips to China to find food. But their trips are illegal. Twice when Kyung-Ja returned to […]

10 Facts About North Korean Christians and Prisons

1. As many as 100,000 secret Christians may live in North Korea. 2. About 30,000 North Korean Christians are kept in North Korea’s harshest prison labor camps because of their faith in Jesus. 3. If someone tries to leave North Korea, they can be sent to a prison labor camp as punishment. 4. North Korean […]

North Korea: Christian Shares Food and the Gospel

  Stephen grew up in North Korea where many people are very poor. But their government tells them, “North Korea is the best and wealthiest country. People everywhere else are suffering a lot more.” When Stephen was a boy, some North Koreans had to eat tree bark, flowers, and grass to stay alive. Real food […]

North Korea: Missionary Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas spent years preparing to spread the gospel in Asia. But his life ended shortly after he arrived in Korea. Yet God used his work to bring many to Christ. Watch the clip above to see Thomas’s arrival in Korea. The clip is from Torchlighters DVD, “The Robert Jermain Thomas Story,” available at […]

North Korea: Girl’s Mysteries Solved

Parents and Teachers: The March 2017 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter features stories about bold North Korean believers. Please preview the stories before sharing them with your children or class. Or share stories from this site, like the one below, with your children; then pray together for the people in the stories.  […]