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Nepal: Grishma Finds Peace

(Source: Photo: Grishma. Her eyes are covered to protect her identity.) Grishma had a hard life. She never knew who her father was, and her stepfather treated her harshly. When she was 16, some of Grishma’s Christian friends invited her to church where she found peace in Christ. Most people in Nepal follow Hinduism, […]

Sunday School Around the World: Nepal

  About 80 percent of the people in Nepal are Hindu, and about 10 percent are Buddhist. In practice, many follow a mixture of both religions. About 2 percent of the people are Christian, and their numbers are increasing. Those who come to Christ from other religions may be persecuted by their families, neighbors, teachers, […]

Persecuted Church Grows in Nepal

Matthew, a Christian who helps The Voice of the Martyrs in Nepal, recently talked to VOM workers in the United States about his work in his home country. “We always talk about persecution, and about how we will stand when persecution comes,” said Matthew. “We talk about Acts 7 and how when Stephen was persecuted, he said, ‘Father, forgive them.’

Nepal News and Facts

Facts about Nepal.

Make a Nepali Topi

A topi is a hat worn by men and boys in Nepal. Follow these instructions to make your own topi.