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Iraq: Escape from ISIS

Hani and his wife were expecting a baby. They and their families lived in Qaraqosh, a city in Iraq. [Watch a video about a girl from Qaraqosh here.] ISIS Muslim fighters invaded Qaraqosh and took over Hani’s poultry farm three miles outside the city. They held Hani and six other people as captives for 26 […]

Iraq: Christina is Home!

Three-year-old Christina lived with her Christian family in Iraq. One day, radical ISIS Muslim terrorists in the area took Christina from her mother and kidnapped her. (The photo shows Christina before she was kidnapped.) For three years, her family — and Christians around the world — prayed for Christina and her family. On June 9th […]

Iraq: Inviting Muslims In

A Story from VOM’s President, Jim Dau In northern Iraq, I met a pastor whose church is giving aid to Muslims who have been driven out of their homes by war. One day, he invited the Muslims inside the church so they could get out of the rain. They sat down and waited to receive […]

Iraqi Children at School

A previous post told about a school for Iraqi children who were driven from their homes by Muslims fighters. The video shows the children at their school.

Back to School for Iraqi Children

Christians in Iraq have been driven from their homes and their cities by fighters who belong to ISIS, a radical Muslim group. Christian families have to leave behind their belongings and everything that is familiar to them.