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Tanzania: Andrew’s Temptation

Andrew, a youth in Tanzania, was raised in a Christian family. But he did not really have a strong faith in God. So when a radical Muslim leader told him, “If you come to Islam, you will become super rich,” Andrew foolishly listened to the man. Andrew began to do more and more evil deeds […]

Safe-House Kids: Andre

Andre is a teenager who has been living at the safe house for about 9 years.

Live for the Glory of God

[Photo: What are your hobbies?] Recently Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio talked to Andrew Scott, the leader of Operation Mobilization USA, a ministry that takes the Good News of Jesus to places where people have never heard it. You can read part of the interview below. (Source; VOM Radio, edited for length, clarity, and age […]

10 Quotes from 2017

The following quotes were shared with workers from The Voice of the Martyrs during 2017. Most of the quotes were shared by Christians from countries where believers are persecuted. 1. The prayer of a Christian in Burma (Myanmar): “Give me the gift of martyrdom if I am counted worthy.” 2. A Christian in the Middle […]

Middle East: God Will Carry You Through

Andrew is a Christian in a Middle Eastern country, where most people are Muslims and Christians are not free to share their faith in public. He has been arrested and questioned several times for sharing the gospel. Read his comments below about his visits to the police station. Andrew’s Comments Often people think that persecuted […]