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10 Quotes from 2020

The following quotes were shared with or by workers from The Voice of the Martyrs during 2020. Most of the quotes came from Christians in countries where believers are persecuted. 1. “We don’t know about the future, but we must face it.” — Christian in Indonesia who was attacked and injured by a non-Christian 2. […]

This Month

Parents and Teachers Verlini sensed that her time on earth was short. She wrote notes of encouragement to each of her children in their Bibles. On Easter Sunday in 2019 at her church in Sri Lanka, she explained the gospel to her children’s Sunday school class and led those who wanted to place their faith […]

Ten Sports from Around the World

Read about the 10 sports below. Then enter the name of a country where they are played in the Search box to learn more about life for Christians in those countries. Find ways to pray for the countries in The Voice of the Martyrs’ Global Prayer Guide. Buzkashi Buzkashi is a favorite sport in Afghanistan. […]

Algeria: Amin Finds the Truth

Pressure cookers Amin is a Christian from Algeria. Recently he shared his story with Todd Nettleton of VOM Radio. You can read what Amin said below. (Edited for length and clarity.) Amin’s Story I grew up in a Muslim family. I was among those kids that some people took to the local mosque. They took […]

Eid al-Fitr

Muslims celebrate a three-day festival at the end of Ramadan called Eid-al-Fitr. Families buy new clothes, decorate their homes, and visit friends and relatives. Children receive gifts. Schools and businesses close for the holidays in Muslims countries.

Muslims in many countries, greet each other during the festival by saying, “Eid Mubarak,” which means “blessed festival.” They may send greeting cards to other Muslims.

Egg fighting is a traditional game in Afghanistan played during the celebration. Two people each hold a hardboiled egg. They bump the ends of their eggs together until one egg cracks. The holder of the egg that is not cracked wins.